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Yasmeen Gangani, MD

  • Location Address: 18550 De Paul Drive, Suite 102 | Morgan Hill, CA 95037
  • reviews Rating: 3.10 (16 reviews)
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About Yasmeen Gangani, MD

Our practice focuses on providing passionate and comprehensive pediatric services to you and your child in the most comfortable environment. We carefully listen to your questions and concerns in order to tailor the most appropriate care for your family. We believe in becoming a lifetime partner in your child’s health.


16 Reviews
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Practice Names

  • Practice icon Yasmeen Gangani, M.D. Pediatrics


  • person icon Yasmeen Gangani, MD

Board Certifications

  • Certification badge American Academy of Pediatrics
  • Certification badge Board Certified by the American Board of Pediatrics
  • Certification badge American Academy of Pediatrics.

Education and Training

  • Education badge Pediatric residency, Stanford University Medical Center
  • Education badge University of Southern California and Medical College of Pennsylvania
  • Education badge MD, Sind Medical College in Karachi, Pakistan.

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  • female Female


  • English
  • Language icon Arabic
  • Language icon Hindi

18550 De Paul Drive, Suite 102, CA, 95037

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(16 Reviews)
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google review

unfortunately took my new born son here til he was about 3 years old. she is very impatient and my child had doctor anxiety because of dr gangani. if your child is scared like most kids are this is not the doctor to choose for your child. first of all she leaves you waiting there with your baby for 45 minutes plus in the waiting room then when you finally get called inside its another 30 minute wait making my child impatient and more anxious. my baby was crying because he was scared and all she had to say was its very hard to examine him like okay like it was my fault that was in a fussy mood for keeping us waiting a long time and she couldnt even give my son a smile or be the least bit nice to him during check ups. She also tried to tell me that he needed speech therapy which she would give me the wrong info and phone numbers for so he never even got to try it but he NEVER needed it anyway because he is talking perfectly fine now hes 5 now She doesnt even consider that every child learns at their OWN pace and always made me feel like a horrible parent by saying things like thats not normal when it was Finally got him into kaiser and they said hes talking at just the right pace and hes perfectly healthy. Each time my son had an appointment it was an awful experience thankfully we dont go to her anymore. She is not good with kids at all and has ridiculous wait times. My son wasnt comfortable with her and he had very bad dental and doctor anxiety because of her but now thankfully he is over that anxiety since we stopped going to her and he has no problem going to the doctors now for check ups because now i am very careful of who i take my son to because of her. Im not sure if its because we had medical that she treated us like this but regardless she needs to work on how she is with kids.

16 June 2024
google review

I would give nagetive if I could. She billed my incorrectly which requested me to pay hundreds for my daughters annual normal check up. When I called insurance regarding the bill statement the insurance lady put her also on the call and told her that the billing code she used was wrong thats why patient was billed out of their pocket. However she didnt even listen and refused to correct anything in a very rude way and just hung up the phone. I will never go to her again. Super terrible experience...

Zoe Cen
16 June 2024
google review

Our pediatrician since 2001 Yasmeen has always been honest and straight to the point. She can at times be a bit brash but thats her personality. Shes definitely not here to serve you with smiles and giggles however she will make sure your children get the best care they need. I will advise you if you dont like the way she responds to you be prepared to ask questions and challenge her politely. Shes definitely old school and her style has always worked for us.

Sincerely Yours
16 June 2024
google review

If your child has SPECIAL NEEDS stay away from this doctor I have been taking my children to Gangani for 5 years now and never had complaints until our last 2 visits. The first visit was a complete mess. She was an hour late for a zoom appointment we ended up having to go into the office while she blamed her front office for booking the appointment. While at the end all she could do is give us a referral number.Then Yesterday both kids had check ups. My daughter goes in her room individually and i stay with my son who is Autistic. The Front office was AMAZING they were incredibly patient with my son and were able to get him to finish all the task. Then we wait for the doctor she comes in the room without saying hello Can I give your daughter the flu spray .I respond yes but couldnt believe thats how she was going to greet me and yet I shook it off and smiled. Then leaves the room and comes back and ask what do you want me to do I said we are here for a check up and her response was he passed his hearing and sight what else do you want me to do All while my son is asking her name and she said I told you already Dr. Gangani. I step up and look my son in the eyes and let him know he is going to be ok and its not scary. I then told her I explained what a check up is to my son so she could proceed. However Dr. Gangani did NOT want to let this tension go and then condescendingly ask me what should I be doing That moment I wanted to grab my son but I chose the higher ground. I told her to check his ears heart spine and throat and that will do our visit so my son doesnt have a traumatic visit at the doctor. After the whole 2 minutes is done I ask about his weight and she says she doesnt know what happened and orders 8 biles of blood to be drawn.I had previously explained to her whenever my son needs a shot I need to give him a warning so I can prepare him. So when she told me he needed his flu vaccine that same day and I responded that we had to pass. Her response was I will note that Mother is Refusing. I have to smile.I have dedicated every extra ounce of free time to help parents with children on special needs. I am active member of SELPA and run my own support groups along with being an active member in the community. The way this lady has treated myself I could only imagine other people and must be given fair warning.A child shouldnt be scared to go to the doctor

Tiffany Hawes
16 November 2023
google review

Seriously the worst pediatrician around. She is so out of the times and doesnt comprehend current times. Shes too stuck in the past to be a pediatrician. Some extra schooling will do her some good.

Alyssa Andreoli
16 June 2022
google review

Wow I could not believe anymore would give Dr. Gangani any less than 5 stars. I get my kid seen the same day if I call in the morning. She is through in her examination. She is sweet and compassionate to my daughter who is terrified of her because of vaccinations. But then shell let her hold her stethoscope or something to calm her down. She also speaks to her as well. When she doesnt like something she sees she has a specialist to recommend. Front desk staff and always courteous and Ive been billed appropriately. Shes close to home for us. I truly respect and appreciate this physician and wish my own personal doctor were like her But Ive aged out. Haha 10 stars for her if I could.

Latasha Koszewnik
16 June 2019
google review

If I could rate 0 stars I would. My mother delivered about a week ago and our family pediatrician was out of the country during that week. So Dr. Gangani was a substitute. When my mom came back home she told me how she wanted to try Dr. Gangani because she seems very natural and overall a good pediatrician. We decided to try out Dr. Gangani for the babys post week delivery check up. When we arrived my mom felt very attacked. Dr. gangani told my mom that she was only going to see her this one time and that she will not be our pediatrician and to go back to Dr. Bhatia. It was very rude. The little teenagers that were sitting up front should have notified my mom about this issue prior to scheduling the appointment. But they failed at there job. After the way that Dr. gangani spoke to my mother we will not be returning. I would not recommend her.

Alyssa Quiroz
16 June 2019
google review

I have 7 children and have been with Dr. Gangani for 20 years. She has seen us at our best and worst of times. She gives complete and compassionate care. Two of our children have aged out and they miss her. Its just not the same care without her. Lots of love.

Rachel E
16 June 2019
google review

I dont trust this doctors advice and they billed me incorrectly too. She always wants to prescribe antibiotics even if unnecessary. I didnt believe my daughter had an ear infection after Dr. Gangani saying she did and prescribing antibiotics so went to Dr. Pete at Almaden Pediatrics. He confirmed that I not Dr. Gangani was correct. No ear infection just wax. Yes just wax people Antibiotics wont cure that After he removed some wax he could see clearly that there was zero infection I looked in the otoscope too and she had a nice healthy white ear drum. Dr. Gangani gives just horrible advice and prescribing antibiotics when not needed is dangerous. Overuse means they wont work when you need them I highly advise not to use this doctor for your kids

Samantha Cole
16 June 2019
google review

We are so thankful for the excellent care our children have received from Dr. Gangani. She truly cares about her patients and we completely trust her judgement and advice. She is thorough knowledgeable and listens. Appointments are not rushed and wait times are short.

Diana Coons
16 June 2019

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