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Stars Therapy Services- San Jose

Speech Therapy, ABA Therapy, Occupational Therapy + 4 more
  • Location Address: 6910 Santa Teresa Blvd., Suite #200, | San Jose, CA 95119
  • reviews Rating: 2.80 (12 reviews)
Ages ServedAges Served:
0 to 3 years
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About Stars Therapy Services- San Jose

Established in 2012, Stars Bay Area Inc has a reputation for providing comfortable and secure early intervention, speech and occupational therapy to children birth-3 years of age. Our remarkable inteventionists and therapists are what make our services one of the most recognized in California. In 2015, Stars Bay Area Inc. opened Stars Therapy Services in Salinas to position itself with the best opportunities to serve the Monterey County communites.Placing a high value on diversity and interaction, we strive to create a positive and comfortable environment for infants and toddlers. In addition, children are provided the foundation for learning and growth needed to become successful in school.


12 Reviews
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Care Settings

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  • person icon 0 to 3 years

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6910 Santa Teresa Blvd., Suite #200,, CA, 95119

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44r0n q
26 May 2024
google review

Easy to work with. Definitely recommend thank you.

Douglas Stewart
26 May 2024
google review

I just want to say thank you to Stars for all the help you have given me

Olivia Young
26 May 2024
google review

Professional handling of cases and management overall is very dynamic and knowledgable

ting peralta
26 February 2024
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Be Warned - RUN from this place.What I learnedfound out from this company is the following as an employee and consumer outlook.As an employee this company is inconsistent extremely disorganized but above all misleading. With that said - they are very cavalier with peoples livelihoodas their hiring turn overrate is unheard of hiring prestigious people from companies such as Apple and Google - with no one being able to stick around given the above mentioned.The owners of this are Mark and Rosa who are a clear display of why this place is what it is as it is evident they cannot even agreeamongstthemselves also they are married. And are a reflection of how management and superiors are disorganized with no clear direction which inevitablyresults in a faulty team - throughfailureof proper management. They can hardly manage the task at hand demand results question your value as an employee if you are not producing revenue- with lack of proper direction or training. Hence why they are always hiring.As a consumer and having previously worked with families and teachers closely in school setting for a few years the following was -mind blowing to how the inner workings of therapist sessions with families and children are conducted. The therapists this place hires range from zero qualification to some expertise - hiring individuals from previous experience in a coffeeshop to selling cell phones. Training these individuals for some odd days attending a few supervised sessions with families and letting them conduct their own sessions after a few days.Having me attend some of these sessions to understand therapist workload a few of these therapists did not have a clue on how to help families with their little ones developmental delays and concerns it was more so as a babysitter situation - truly hard wrenching to witness. Being able to see the desperationand need of help these lovely families needed in their eyes and questioning progress rightfully so. The lack of empathy and understandingthat the company ownersand managers is.... just negligent. As all of this has been brought to their attention and resulting with no change clearly given the other dozen reviews on this as previous employers and frustrated families.All Star Therapy isin short simply looking for warm bodies to fill a seatposition so that they can stay afloat from drowning with such high numbers of employees leaving - seeing through the mess that they created and cannot fathom how to manage.Shame on you Stars Therapy for rippingpeople apart from stable and good employmentwith deceiving information having people commit to joining you and changing contracts employment details providing awful direction - expectingresults from employees out of this having weekly and biweekly meetings emphasizing statusgrowthon new cases revenue progress.To all of those families seeking the best for your little ones as they deserve nothing less - seek the right sources this place is not itBest of luck to you all and I do hope this helps in some way - as a soon to be mother myself.P.S. Your response speaks volumes... in how dismissive yourself and company handles matters giving my humble opinion. employed less than two weeks Just about laughable all of the above mentioned would be noticed in such a short span of time - good riddance Ladies gentlemen and families - there you have it Star Therapy Services.

26 August 2023
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We used Stars for both the early start program and insurance paid speech therapy services. We did NOT like our original person for the early start program. He was trying to get our delayed 18 month old to do things way beyond what she was capable of doing. But once I complained and asked for a different person we loved the new person assigned to us and didnt have any other issues. Covid made all weekly hour meetings online which is just not a good way for a delayed child to learn but that isnt Stars fault at all. Our assigned person was good but by the end it felt like she was just a peeping tom watching while my child and I played for an hour and then every once in a while she would offer a suggestion on what to do.The speech therapy was really good with the person we had. He and I figured out how to get a 2 year old to actually say the sounds and words we were trying to focus on each session. We had to change our schedule to a later time however and were given a new speech therapist who straight up told me she hadnt even read my childs file before our session tried to get her to do things way beyond what she was capable and was a total waste of our money for that session. Thankfully when I complained to their office about her lack of professionalism our old speech therapist had just gotten an opening and we were able to switch back to him.But now he has left the company and we were told that were now on a waitlist and they have no idea when well be able to get services again and were basically trying to push us out the door to find somewhere else to go. So I am currently looking for a new speech therapist and will now have to be on waitlists all over to try and get my child services again.

Kat 9948
26 May 2022
google review

I have used Starts service for more than a year when my kid received services through SARC. The staff are good but staff management is very very bad they keep changing staff and they are mostly under staff. Worst is their process person named Marysol she took one year time just to complete the enrollment process for my another kid even though I suggested her to keep my kid on waiting list and complete the process. She is highly un-professional and if I tried to push her to complete process she reacted very rudely. Where ever I asked Marysol can you give me ETA of service to start she always has some reason to block my kid. When I have to pay for services from my pocket I asked her the details in advance but she refused every time and when wait list finished for my kid she asked me to pay 4.5K upfront to start the service. I asked for payment option as it was not possible for me to pay that much for one kid. She removed my kid from list without proper communication. I really disliked these company as they dont cooperate with parents. Marysol wasted more than a year time for my kid.This shows that company is handled by highly unprofessional people. They dont even think the pain parents are going through. The market for ABA and Speech is in very high demands and for that reasons these companies are able to torture parents. Once sufficient companies are there in market people like will not survive. They dont have competency to survive.One of the worst experience I had is they fired their staff named Rebecca all of sudden without even mapping her session with other teacher or hire someone so that kid who are Rebeccas student should not get impacted. But this company never even bothered about their clients.Very Very rude and highly unprofessional management. Overall company process and interaction is bad. If you dont have any option then only opt them otherwise now there are good number of companies in market now.

satish kumar
26 May 2019
google review

I worked for Stars Therapy as a early interventionist in 2016. I am a BCBA now and I just cannot stand the way to run the ABA program. They did not provide enough training or supervision for their technicians like other companies such as ACES and Kaiser Easter seals. The owners are not BCBA or license mental health practitioner and they has very little knowledge about ABA. I do not recommend this agency for any people. This agency takes advantage of vulnerable Hispanic populations since owners has Hispanic background and speak Spanish. I just angry they just want to make . The couple should not open ABA business since they do not have the ABA clinical training very very unethical

April Liang
26 May 2019
google review

This is a people-centered company - they focus on providing quality services to the people they serve while taking care of the employees providing services. The multi-disciplinary approach sets them apart from any other company.

Claudia Ruiz
26 May 2019
google review

This place is an absolute nightmare DO NOT TAKE YOUR CHILD HEREThey are the most unreliable uneducated unprofessional place I have ever had to deal with. They are constantly changing therapists we had 4 or 5 in total within a 5 month period and keep in mind they are providing services for kids with disabilities My child had autism and does not take well to change most kids on the spec do not yet they did not care one bitThe staff is terrible especially Rosa who is the ownerAfter complaining to my case worker at San Andres Reginaol center i was informed that they have been receiving SEVERAL complaints from different families regarding similar circumstances.All they did at every session was play with the same 2 puzzles EVERY TIME they would roll the SAME ball back and forth and then at the end of session they would blow bubbles. They did NOT help provide any tools that I can use when they were not there they did not help with any type of speech services they did NOT NOTHING Keep in mind my child supposed to be receiving therapy for her cognitive and speech delays I am SO upsetI could go on and on but I wont. Just know that they are terrible. They are just hungry. They do not care about the type of services they provide they only care about how many kids and how many hours they have each monthParents I urge you to do your research and find a provider that you love and are giving your the services your child deserves. Do not go through them The bay area and other areas have several other providers to choose from. A is for Apple is AMAZING and so is Young Interventions we have tried both of them and love them. I hope this saves a family from this hungry pit

Jaydon Padilla
26 May 2018

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