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Shamim Haldankar

Speech Therapy, Social Skills Training
  • Location Address: 617 Veterans Boulevard Suite #203 | Redwood City, CA 94065
  • reviews Rating: 5.00 (31 reviews)
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About Shamim Haldankar

Philosophy: Every child can reach their potential when provided with the right tools, techniques, and support. Presuming competence and actively involving the child/family in the learning and decision-making process is a key to achieving success.

Mission: Each individual is unique. Teaching to communicat

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31 Reviews
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ASHA Certified

This provider has been certified by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association

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  • In-clinic

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  • person icon Shamim Haldankar

Education and Training

  • Education badge Ohio University


  • English
  • Language icon Hindi

617 Veterans Boulevard Suite #203, CA, 94065

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google review

We are so thankful to have found Shamim The amount of progress that our daughter has made with the clarity of her speech in just one year is unbelievable. Our daughter looks forward to going to see her every week I am not sure if she even realizes that she isnt there only to play games. I am confident that Shamim has helped set up our daughter for success and am happy that my husband and I have learned so many tools from Shamim to help her along the way.

Taylor Fanti
26 May 2024
google review

My son worked with Shamim for over a decade. Shamim is passionate about helping kids gain crucial communications skills. She leverages her PROMPT Level 2 expertise and a creative engaging style to elicit and encourage language development. I would highly recommend Shamim to anyone looking for a speech therapist

Joyce Shoyi Cheng
26 May 2024
yelp review

Shamim worked with our 4 yo son for about a year hes 5 now. We brought him to see her because we could tell he was starting to fall behind in his speech....

Justin J.
20 May 2024
yelp review

I contacted this provider based on excellent patient reviews. Although it was clear at the start that there are practical concerns regarding distance which...

Barbara E.
11 August 2023
yelp review

Unbelievably amazing speech therapist - if I had imagined an amazing therapist before we had one that would be eclipsed by how great Shamim actually is. In...

J C.
27 October 2022
google review

Shamim has been such a blessing to our family. Not only is she a wonderful speech therapist and has helped our child make significant gains she has helped us find other great therapist in different fields as well. Her knowledge and patience are unparalleled and her compassionate nature separates her from other therapist. I would highly recommend Shamim to anyone looking for a speech therapist.

Manal Elghandour
26 May 2022
google review

Shamim is supremely experienced creative and kind with an amazing network that helps my child thrive even beyond SLP sessions. She gets speech out of my daughter during sessions that no one else can and she was an amazing collaborator during covid lockdown when we had to do sessions remotely. She referred us to the amazing school my daughter attends and also to a best-in class AAC specialist. My daughter isnt the easiest kid to work with but Shamim customizes sessions to incorporate her interests. She really cares about her clients and pushes the envelope with recommendations which overwhelmed parents juggling a lot sometimes need its great feeling like you have All-Star player on your team looking out for your childs not just a person you take your child to for an appointment. And when she explains the why behind certain speech functions you cant help but be impressed. We take for granted how many microprocesses happen to communicate verbally. It can be hard to get onto her client list because she is in high demand but it is worth it.

Emily Walling
26 May 2022
google review

Shamim is hands down the best SLP. My son had a regression that caused apraxia. He was completely non-verbal at 20 months when we first saw Shamim. People told me he would never talk. We went through 5-6 SLPs that just couldnt get a sound out of him. Our first session with Shamim he said 8 words which was more than I had ever heard him say.She believed he could talk and she used so many techniques incl. PROMPT which many SLPs are not trained in at her level. She was fully booked so we took every cancellation that she had until we got a permanent spot. Our son made incredible progress with her.His first evaluation he was in the first percentile for receptive and expressive speech. One year later he was above the 90th percentile for both. We supported Shamims efforts with a lot of work at home and Shamim knows everyone - she recommended so many fantastic therapists and programs to us.I cannot recommend Shamim enough. She changed my sons life. He is now almost six. His speech is fantastic.

Melody Cohn
26 May 2020
google review

Shamim has been working with my daughter for a little while now and she has made so much progress. We first started when she was 18 months old and I noticed she wasnt using any words at all. She was diagnosed with a language delay and phonological disorder.Shamim is patient and her sessions are great and individualized to every childs needs. She works wonders to keep my daughter engaged and focused. It has been great to watch the improvements my daughter has made. She went from saying very few unintelligible words to being able to hold conversation. You can tell she cares so much for her patients and their families. She gives so much of herself and she is extremely knowledgeable. I absolutely recommend her to anyone who even has the slightest concern about their childs speech.

Melanie Bentley
26 May 2019
google review

When it comes to speech therapy Shamim Haldankar is a miracle worker...Not the kind of miracle that happens once and overnight but the kind of miracle that happens gradually and is the result of her hard work patience love great knowledge and skills and years of experience. When our son first started with Shamim at the age of 5 he spoke a handful words. In fact we were told that with his apraxia speech and language delay and autism he may never talk. Over the past few years he has started to speak in full sentences make conversations and even sing We are so grateful for the gift of speech that Shamim brought to our Sons life. We love Shamim and feel blessed to have her in our life.

Maryam Scoble
26 May 2019
google review

When I was looking for a Speech and Language Practitioner to work with my young son two other SLPs recommended that I contact Shamim Haldankar in Redwood City. I am so glad that I followed their adviceShamim is kind patient and creative in addition to being very knowledgable in all kinds of speech and language challenges. She knows when to challenge her clients as well as when to nurture them. Shamim consistently offers encouragement and compliments my son when he makes progress. In short Shamim has been an indispensable part of our team of service providers in helping my son improve his speech language and social skills. I cannot recommend her enough

Alicia Westra
26 May 2019
google review

Shamim has been working with our autistic son Grayson two days a week for a little over a year now and in that time he has made absolutely tremendous strides in his speech.When he started at 2 years old he was completely non-verbal and had difficulty forming any consistent speech sounds with his mouth. Now having just turned 3 he speaks in 5-7 word sentences regularly.Shamim is extremely knowledgeable as an SLP and she is excellent at keeping him on task focused and productive in sessions. She also is an expert at intuitively knowing when to push and when to back off and give him breaks.She truly cares for her patients and always takes the time to explain to their parents her methods and the best practices to continue at home. She has also worked very well with our broader care team other therapists behavioral etc and has been across the board reliable professional and helpful.We would very highly recommend Shamim Haldankar to anyone seeking an SLP for their child as she has worked wonders for our family.

Jordan Maynard
26 May 2019
google review

When our daughter was 2 years old and basically non-verbal except for Mommy and Daddy we brought our concerns to our Pediatrician. As her physician noted that there did not seem to be any other sort of delays he left the decision up to us if we would like to consult with a Speech Therapist. As with any parent you only want the best for your child so we decided to meet with Shamim. From the moment she entered our daughters life and ours we knew that we were truly blessed. Just during the consultation our daughter was making sounds and beginning to use words that we had never heard come from her mouth. We were absolutely thrilled and needless to say excited to work with Shamim. During the course of the next year we met with Shamim on a weekly basis for our daughters therapy and I cannot say enough as to how caring patient and professional Shamim is. It was always a pleasure to watch Shamim work and our daughter really grew to love her. We have to say that after the last session it felt as though we were losing a family member. But the gift that she gave our daughter will never be forgotten. To this day our little girl is a chatterbox full of life and happiness and Shamim played such an important role in that we could not give her a higher recommendation. Thank you Shamim for everything

Mike Walden
26 May 2013

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