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Maxim Healthcare Services - Fresno

Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy
  • Location Address: 6051 N. Fresno St Suite 102 | Fresno, CA 93710
  • reviews Rating: 3.91 (57 reviews)
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About Maxim Healthcare Services - Fresno

For more than 30 years, we have been making a difference in the lives of our patients, caregivers, and employees. Our nationwide suite of services includes home healthcare, companion and behavioral care, healthcare staffing, and workforce solutions. Our commitment to customer service, compassionate patient care, and filling critical staffing needs makes us a trusted partner wherever healthcare is needed.


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6051 N. Fresno St Suite 102, CA, 93710

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(57 Reviews)
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After a prolonged hospital stay for intractable epilepsy my 8-year-old son was referred for home nursing through Maxim. Although nursing was not currently provided in our foothill community after several months and diligent work Giovanni was able to work with our insurance and find a nurse willing to travel to our area. I have rarely met anyone in the medical field who put in that much effort on our behalf. It was truly a gift.My son has been receiving home nursing care by two LVNs through Maxim for 3 months and they are a blessing. I have been satisfied with the process and all of the staff that we have worked with so far. Everyone has been professional and competent as well as kind. It has been an adjustment for our family but it is also a huge relief knowing that my son is safely under the care of a nurse in his own home.

Kelsey Walton
03 March 2024
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We absolutely love our nurses through Maxim In a very unpredictable time we have received support through this agency and we have been able to navigate hurdles that have come up along our healthcare journey. We appreciate the additional advocacy to make our voice for our son stronger.

Jill Blanks
03 March 2024
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Hello I am a parent of a client who receives in home aba therapy. When I seen the employee of the month post I felt the urge to share our story. My son Kamryn is a 7 year old autistic and non verbal smiley social little boy. However he wasnt given the opportunity from our prior ABA company to shine. Most of his therapy seemed to revolved around removing his iPad and having him conform to social standards then it was for him to learn how to manage himself within those social standards. Since Jacquie has started with us the improvements Kamryn has made is out of this world. He is becoming an avid aac device user he is following directions he is dressed everyday and the meltdowns have drastically dropped. The empathic approach Jacquie uses with her calm yet stern demeanor is exactly what my son needed and thrives with. She has utilized his iPad to help him grow in ways related to his academics that astound me. Kamryn is a matching sorting puzzle completing king now. In our home we often joke about how Kamryn is with Jacquie and his Anything for Selena demeanor and attitude towards her because Kamryn really does do anything for Jacquie. She has shined such a BRIGHT light in what used to be a dark long tunnel. We can see through now. Although her time with us has been short the accomplishments she has made with Kamryn makes the hugest of difference for our family.From the bottom of a special needs mothers heart. THANK YOU . I would love to nominate her for next months employee of the month award. Thank you in advance.

Kathryn Aranzasu
11 February 2024
google review

Maxim Healthcare is incredible. We struggled to find the right type of ABA therapy for my 7 year old son. Many of the companies locally cannot help accommodate outings to the Doctors office school or the community in general. Which is where my son struggled the most. Never have I felt more refreshed and cared for then I do with them. Run dont walk Amazing people.

Kathryn Aranzasu
03 January 2024
google review

Watch out for Sharon Zarcone. Her calls are always at home and on speaker for anyone to hear private conversation. She also flirts with male clients for dates

Shawna Ray
03 December 2023
google review

If I couod get zero stars I would. Racist employees work at this location. They are unorganized and very unprofessional. To make a long story short After them canceling several respite care appointments or just outright standing us up on numerous occasions we finally had a date set for an employee to come to our home to watch our son. An employee named Jayden showed up and ended up filing false reports with childrens services against my wife and I. Childrens services came to our home the day after Jayden watched our child accusing us of neglect and saying our sons room was filthy. Our house was spotless as usual when CPS showed up the next day yet we did not even receive an apology from this terrible company. My wife spoke with Jaydens manager who actually attempted to defend Jaydens racist actions. Considering the fact that nothing was true in the CPS report we can only conclude that there was racial bias involved in this incident. This company needs to be careful about the backgrounds of their employees because they are opening themselves up to defamation suits. My wife called Maxim and filed a complaint with their compliance department only to later find that the company did absolutely nothing to resolve the issue. Both Jayden and her manager should have been fired. This company has a high tolerance for racism.

Thomas Stephens
03 November 2023
google review

Maxim Home Health is a great place of employment for new grad nurses and experienced bedside nurses. You get PSOs Patient Specific Orientation and skills before taking on a new 11 patient that you receive before you work alone. So it gives you an opportunity to learn that patient specific care needs so that youre not thrown by yourself. This helps prevent the chances of body mechanic CPR nebulizer wound treatment medication ventilator feeding oxygen and tracheostomy errors with your patient.Maxim has flexible scheduling that works for the PCG patient caregivers family nurses and patient care support staff LIS Fresno Office is the Home health scheduler. She does a great job and is very FLEXIBLE neutral and professional .MARIA Fresno Office is one of Maxim home health recruiters. Shes always there when you need her and is very supportive with on boarding and after you are hired. She helps accommodate you and does the best she can to ensure you are taken care of and doing good with your assignments after you are hired . She also helps continue to be your advocate if you need help with anything. She is passionate about the work she does at Maxim Home Health and very professional .CHIS Fresno Office in management is very professional neutral and does a great job supporting nursing staff and other nursing support team members. He is very active with his cases and even goes out to facilitys and homes for orientation to help support staff making sure everything is in place. Even in the office he goes above and beyond stopping and helping others . .This helps staff tremendously.JEOVANI Fresno Office is very helpful whenever he answers the phone. He helps directs calls and if that person is not available . He goes over and beyond to ensure staffing and or family needs are met promptly . He is very professional and takes pride in helping staffing and family of patients.Maxim is a great career growth opportunity for those in healthcare CNALVNRN that want to experience 11 care Subacute Care Critical Care Ventilator Tube Feedings Home Care Setting etc with annual training and novice nurse checks to ensure you are comfortable and can preform job task safely .

Kourtney Blackmon
03 October 2023
google review

If youre African-American do not use this company unless you like drama. Their employees are racially biased and will make false complaints against your household. We did two meet and greets for respite care and neither of the workers seemed very interested in getting to know our child. They asked no questions and did not engage with them. They literally sat there and stared at him the entire time. When we ask the company to send someone to watch our child they stood us up on three separate occasions unprofessionalism. Finally when one of the workers named Jayden agreed to come on a Thursday night our son threw up while we were gone and the worker had her manager make a false complaint with childrens services. I should have known better than to leave my son with Jayden because she seems to be afraid of black people and she showed up to our home in winter boots when it was over 100 degrees outside. She was stand offish and barely said anything. She asked no questions about him nor did she ask where anything in our home was. I wouldnt be surprised if I found out that she agreed to watch my son just so she could call Childrens services on a black family. I dont recommend this company to any minorities especially not blacks.Update I called the company and filed a complaint and received a case number. Im going to follow up in two weeks to find out how seriously Maxim Health takes my complaint. I feel that the caregiver should be fired. Also the same day that I filed the case complaint the manager Jeanette Ortiz sent a letter via Fedex overnight shipping letting me know that my services with Maxim have been terminated.Update on 92623 I called for an update regarding my complaint and found out that absolutely nothing was done to remedy the situation. I didnt even receive an apology from this company. Also based on the response to my complaint the racist worker employee Jayden was not reprimanded and neither was the supervisor. I would like to warn Maxim Healthcare that employees like Jayden and her ignorant supervisor are a compliance issue. She filed a false report with childrens services a third party against my household for what I believe to be a racist reason and employees like her will open you up to defamation law suits. Buyer beware do not use this companies services Also I find it funny that the company paid an African American contractor to post a good review the week after my complaint about their racism. Its way too detailed for her to not have received compensation for it.

Tai Marie
03 October 2023
yelp review

If youre African-American do not use this company. Their employees are racially biased and will make false complaints against your household. We did two...

Tai S.
26 August 2023
google review

I want to let anyone who is looking for Bowel and Bladder care that Maxim is AMAZING Helen is our Angel that comes and takes care of my father daily. She is so professional yet kind and makes the situation so comfortable. She asks YOU what YOU need she says she is there to help you She also lets you know what is needed to make the job easier and efficient. Chris takes the time to make sure youre being taken care of and makes you feel like there will be no issues that cant be handled. Lauren came in and did the intake paperwork and explained everything so clearly. Maxim is FANTASTIC

milli r
03 August 2023
yelp review

Awesome people Healthy family oriented environment. Everyone has a smile when you walk in the office

Cotyw W.
12 May 2022
google review

I have just completed the Novice Nurse Home Health Training program that is one year long with Maxim Healthcare through the Fresno office. I made the switch because skilled nursing was not my niche. I was welcomed with open arms by Giovanni the recruiter and interviewed by him and others. I was supported all the way through the hiring and training process. I feel HEAVILY supported by every single staff member. I absolutely love my client and the family that I was paired with I have been trained on so many new medical techniques and devices that I had either never been exposed to or never heard of through my one year training and gained confidence in my skills throughout my time with Maxim. The support from my supervising RN is AMAZING I know that I am working to protect both our licenses and she gives the best advice for how things should be completed when I am in unfamiliar territory. I appreciate the approach RN Eddings always takes with correction it is always done kindly with a teaching heart. My initial plan was to obtain my one year in nursing and leave the company for the Prison Healthcare industry I do not know how I will ever leave I feel more supported and cared for than with any other company I have every worked for When an employee is truly happy it makes you LOVE your job and want to do better and work harder and provide better care for our client

Sharon Dudley
03 March 2022
yelp review

Things must have changed since the last few reviews. Ive had nothing but a wonderful experience with maxim Theyve sent some really good nurses that care...

Karilyn M.
04 June 2021

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