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iD Tech Camps

  • Location Address: P.O. Box 111720 | Campbell, CA 95011
  • reviews Rating: 2.76 (175 reviews)
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Ages 7 to 19
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About iD Tech Camps

With over 20 years of experience and a track record of incredible student outcomes, iD Tech is an investment in your child's future. Whether they're 7, 19, or somewhere in between, we've perfected the system to guide them from total beginner to college-bound pro. Tuition for our online and on-campus programs includes unparalleled access to expert educators and exclusive tools for long-term success. It's a total package unlike any other.


175 Reviews
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  • Virtual

Age Ranges Served

  • person icon Ages 7 to 19

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P.O. Box 111720, CA, 95011

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google review

AMAZING PROGRAMS Both my kids have been enrolled with id tech for 10 month they have tried both online and in-person. They both have learned so much. The online is really good experience some instructors are better that others but they do operate in small classes to make sure they can give the best experience.Recently we tried their winter camp in-person and my kids absolutely love it. We joined the camp in Santa Clara CA and both my kids LOVE IT My daughter said that her teaches is one of the best and most fun teacher she had. That is HUGE deal I met some of the team and they are amazing. Even though it was a whole day my kids ended up not wanting the camp to end. But they also were very challenged with the projects. So that is really good. I highly recommend both online and in-person but if you have an in-person opportunity- that is the BEST choice. The whole experience is just great And the best part is after their camp - they have a graduation and the students gets to show the parents all the hard work they did the entire week. And honestly I dont see that elsewhere. So I give the stars for thinking of all the things that will make a camp really a great experience. It is just not fun my son did coding and it was a challenge and I see that as a positive. It means they are really teaching you some real stuff.Camp is a whole day camp ours was 9-5pmLunch is provided different restaurants everydayWe love it

Ruth Langa
26 May 2024
google review

Employees arent treated fairly. Theres rampant favoritism by management. Long days low pay and unrealistic expectations. Staff are underpaid to say the least and work 18 hours a day. Staff dont get the breaks or timenights off as promised. Only the camp director gets a night off all summer. Its completely unrealistic to expect college student instructions to work 18 hours a day 5 days a week all summer plus Sunday camp setup and maintain any level of enthusiasm for teaching.For campers rules are not the same. Youre fawned over and allowed to break any camp rule even looking at sites you shouldnt if youre rich. If youre not rich youre treated average at best. Rich kids who send kids in bulk for the whole summer are allowed to do whatever they want even when it breaks the rules.

d m
26 May 2024
google review

Went to the camp for level design and game design my freshman year of high school and honestly was one of the greatest experiences of my life because of it giving me perspective into gaming itself from onward going on college tours and seeing how much Ive learned from it felt so rewarding the courses were given to me by a professional in his own right who gave clear communication and positive feedback. I also remember working on cinematics and a small bit of coding for npc characters. I hope more people can get as invested as I did because I had a blast learning how to create a game in unreal engine 4. The teachers gave me a whole bunch of feedback and room for creativity and let us showcase our games at the end of the week.

Vander Strong
26 May 2024
google review

My daughter attended Blockchain camp at IDTech. They charged us heftily 1250 for a week with a promise of delivery of high quality summer camp. My daughter was very dissatisfied with superficial instruction use of too many videos unclear assignments they had to copy paste stuff they didnt understand flimsy content. Per my daughter this is easily one of the worst camps she has attended in sometime. We are disappointed with the program and would not be recommending it to any one.

sudha nori
26 May 2024
google review

Last summer we signed my son up for a week long camp out of state. The one star is for the customer service agent that contacted us a month before when the camp was canceled. He was excellent and helpful with getting us booked at an alternate location. That was the only positive experience.First off we were told we were booking my son for a premium locating with premium events after the lessons. I was thrilled. Thats what I wanted for my son. Hes socially reserved and I wanted options for him to come out of his shell. There were no events. Absolutely NO events for the kids outside of the lessons in the mass room which well get to later My son was ushered to breakfast given the computer class then after dinner brought back to the dorm to just sit in bed all night. All of the kids in his group were. Thats so very disappointing. My local university has a coding camp. If I just wanted him to code during the day and sit in his room in the evening I could have done the local lessons. We went for the camp experience. I wanted him to be in a fun summer cap environment just with some tech stuff. We didnt get any of that. The young people were not interacted with.To the point that the RA didnt even know who my son was when we called with a question. That was disturbing thing to find out as my son was barely 13 and staying the night without a responsible or accountable adult. The RA was supposed to make the over nighters safe and comfortable. He didnt even know there were two kids with the same first name until the end of the week. Waste of money and time.Second the coding lessons were not a real class. The very kind but overwhelmed instructor was just one of many in a very large room. All the different classes that were booked that week are placed in one room with curtains separating the classes. The room is packed in like cattle. Its loud and busy. If your kids can follow the booklet they will be just fine doing the work but if they have questions at all I have no idea how a kid would be able to ask one. Not a classroom environment. Not a camp environment. Not worth the money

Kayce Corney
05 May 2024
google review

The teachers provide excellent leadership and guidance so that the students learn independently and build on their curiosity. My two older children talk about their experience on a regular basis love wearing their iD Tech t-shirts and look forward to their summer session every year. They talk about it so much and with such enthusiasm their younger sister cant wait to go

Erika Tovar
26 September 2023
google review

My son participated in an ID Tech robotics course at the University of Maryland this past summer and really enjoyed it We were very impressed with how well-planned and well-run the program was from beginning to end and the instructor was great. Thank you

Jack Lipshultz
26 September 2023
google review

Jadon had an amazing experience at Emory for Tech camp. This was his first overnight camp and he was the youngest in that group. Hes already looking forward to going again next summer.

Jocelyn Curry
26 September 2023
google review

The in-person camp is an absolute scam for the most amount of money. Its 100 false advertising. Your child will not learn anything there will not be enough staff to even attend to the children. The majority of the day will be spent playing video games and playing outside. The only real main instruction is watching a quick YouTube video. There was only one person who seemed to actually have knowledge in the subject and attempt to teach the children but of course that person could not actually teach everyone. For this amount of money it is ridiculous. The course for game development and e-commerce is bull. They advertised they will teach your student at the end how to use their skills to even set up a shop and make money. This was exciting to me as my son loves doing all things with game development and wants that to be his career so for me knowing that he could start to learn the e-commerce side of things was a huge benefit. But none of this is taught they learn one thing that you can learn within a day. Theyre only saving grace is that their actual one-on-one virtual hourly lessons that you can purchase online are actually good. Or at least I have a really good young instructor who works with my son. I will continue to do those however I will never send him to camp here again. We went to several other technology coding robotics and game development camps this year from various vendors for half of the price and they were way better. Do not scam people. You really should be sued for false advertising.

Heather Harrington
26 July 2023
yelp review

HORRIBLE CAMP My son was waiting for 30 min for an online class in front of the computer and the Instructor never came. My son was waiting for this class...

Catarine V.
20 July 2023
yelp review

Absolutely awful rip offFor a week long camp Adobe Aftereffects for nearly 1500 my daughter learned absolutely nothing . They had some strange immature...

kelly r.
02 July 2023
google review

My 11 year old son did the overnight BattleBots Camp at DU in Denver last week. The lack of communication to parents during the week was unacceptable. In addition to the daily scheduled being less than organized the kids barely went outside and played video games most of the day. My son had more to say about the gender identity agenda that was pushed by the instructors than the BattleBot he built. Young instructors who are just confused college kids is not what I signed up for. We paid nearly 2000 for this camp to make my son feel uncomfortable because he doesnt use gender pronouns. This should have not been a topic of discussion at a childrens camp. I am more than angry and will never recommend this organization.

Jessica Joles-Realtor
26 June 2023
yelp review

AMAZING PROGRAMS Both my kids have been enrolled with id tech for 10 month they have tried both online and in-person. They both have learned so much. The...

Ruth S.
24 February 2023

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