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Fred Finch CARES - Corporate Office & Alameda County Services

ABA Therapy, Psychiatrists, Early Intervention + 4 more
  • Location Address: 3800 Coolidge Avenue | Oakland, CA 94602
  • reviews Rating: 3.76 (45 reviews)
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Ages ServedAges Served:
0 to 21 years old
Care SettingsCare Settings:

About Fred Finch CARES - Corporate Office & Alameda County Services

Fred Finch CARES. Setting the Standard for Thorough Developmental Assessment and Supportive Services for Children and Their Families in Southern California. CARES offers coordinated, comprehensive treatment and support services for individuals living with autism, neurodevelopmental disorders and co-occurring mental health concerns. Utilizing research-based interventions and best practices, our programs are individualized to meet the specific needs of those we serve. CARES serves participants ages 0-26 years old. Visit our website for a full list of services.;


45 Reviews
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Conditions Supported

  • checked icon Autism

Care Settings

  • In-home
  • In-school

Age Ranges Served

  • person icon 0 to 21 years old

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  • person icon Thomas N. Alexander, LCSW, President and CEO

Education and Training

  • Education badge Bachelor’s Psychology, University of Southern California
  • Education badge Master’s of Social Work, San Diego State University

Waiting List Length

hour glass icon orange This provider has verified they do not maintain a waiting list


  • English
  • Spanish

3800 Coolidge Avenue, CA, 94602

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  • orange phone icon (510) 482-2244, ext. 5200
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(45 Reviews)
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google review

I was one of the kids that stayed here for a while. When I failed here all I wanted to do was come back. It was 1985. I had good friends and a counselor that cared.

Derrick Welcher
23 June 2024
google review

Beware of this place. It use to have a great program but not no more. Very bad experience they treat kids horrible and dont know how to talk to parents.

Kissy Monero
23 June 2024
google review

Fred finch is not what you think it is Ive been there when i was 16 and my mom was always a drunk and she didnt want to deal with my mental health so she sent me to this place. fred finch youth center is a prison for kids and is very inhumane to kids and the staff that works there take advantage of there power do not trust anyone there they will fail you long term 1000 not recommend for treatment this place is hell and im suprised nobody filed a lawsuit on this place yet thank goodness im out of that there

Kevin Garcia
23 April 2024
google review

PLEASE READ TO END Now that 2 years have passed since Ive been here and I likely can write this safely Im finally ready to say what needs to be said This place is NOT a provider of mental health services in fact its quite the opposite an Orwellian detention center. All that really happens is extreme restrictions of freedom and coercion into following the set rules under threat of even more restricted freedom additionally fueled by irrational technophobia. To add insult to injury its done mostly to people who are already psychologically very vulnerable.I know this all first-hand being here literally ruined my life possibly beyond repair. I was sent here in the wake of not only months of isolation but also my devastating realization of how bad my parents really are which they permanently cemented from their complicity in everything Fred Finch did to me. As a result of being here I became numb to emotion as a defense mechanism both positive and negative the former directly reduces my ability to feel pleasure and due to the latter I was coerced into a very subservient mindset and the only way out was to succumb to that mindset and I have suffered a long-term loss of agency thats led to me being less able to put myself on paths that make me feel happy. Its also forced me to hide my true emotions from my parents given that they alongside the organization have punished me for stating how I actually feel and gaslit me into even more negative thoughts about myself which again I still often struggle to shrug off.Fred Finch for me was like a stabbing wound there was not only damage from actually being there but also damage caused that only took effect after I made it out akin to severe blood loss from immediately removing a blade thats stabbing you. was the harm done to not only my education but also the community I had at school while I was already in academic peril before being sent here being here completely destroyed any chance of catching up and as a result I couldnt make up the second semester of my junior year. I had to make it up the second semester of the following year once I was out of this place delaying my graduation a year and exiling me into a different graduating class from the one I had been at home in for years.As a result of all this I lost touch with my original graduating class while I was here and by the time I could try to regain it it was too late ending in extreme heartbreak the loss of a friendship I treasured and social anxiety which I had never had before. Furthermore the effects of having been here proved fatal to vital preparation I needed to have to get into what I later determined to be my dream college experience right after graduating resulting in not only me being rejected but also forcing me to start college with a different path delaying my desired proper full college experience by a third year. To recap having been here has already set me back 3 years and theres no guarantee it wont be more.If the law were any decent this place wouldve been closed long ago and all staff prosecuted with some getting prison time. To any current or former staff reading this I hope you realize that youve been actively complicit in destroying peoples lives. Im never forgetting what Fred Finch did to me and I will make sure the organization and its staff are prosecuted to the fullest extent of not only existing laws but also future laws passed to crack down on these moral crimes.And to anyone who is even considering sending your kid here DO NOT DO IT. And as for the other positive reviews theyre most likely from either parents of kids who went here and were coerced into suppressing their emotions or parents who dont care about what their kid went through or are from former clients as a sign of either Stockholm syndrome or having been gaslit. Again this is NOT a mental health organization its an Orwellian dystopia that can ruin peoples lives far beyond when they leave. I seriously hope you heard me out on this one.

23 February 2024
google review

Friendly workers. Beautiful surroundings

23 February 2024
google review

This community based organization has a decades long history of supporting Oakland and East Bay youth achieve mental health educational housing employment and sustainability goals.

To Niya M Scott-Smith
23 June 2019
google review

They helped me get housing at a good place in Oakland. They are ready to help me with any problem

Purple “RichBob” Ghost
23 June 2018
google review

Had my hearing test performed here. Very helpful. Please Hit the THUMBS Up.

23 June 2018
google review

Staff is friendly grounds are a bit ill maintained. Security may be asleep other than him no one else is available to check in with

Chris Kilgore
23 June 2017
google review

Amazing organization. They dont just say they help homeless youth andor at risk youth they actually do. Even though they are an organization that help youth they not only help youth they help their families as well.

Will R.
23 June 2016
yelp review

fred finch is not fair.One of the workers is lazy.My brother and I did behavior charts with one of the workers and My cousins mom.The worker said he emailed...

Eeman A.
13 April 2013

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