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Ellen Chen, MD - Wildomar

  • Location Address: 36320 Inland Valley Drive, Ste 203 | Wildomar, CA 92595
  • reviews Rating: 2.40 (57 reviews)
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About Ellen Chen, MD - Wildomar

Dr .Chen graduated from Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine in Chicago, Illinois and completed her internship and residency at the University of Texas - Medical School at Houston. She practiced for 13 years in Massachusetts before relocating to Southern California to be closer to family.


57 Reviews
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  • Practice icon Pediatric Partners

Board Certifications

  • Certification badge Board Certified in Pediatrics and a member of the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Education and Training

  • Education badge Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine in Chicago, Illinois
  • Education badge residency at the University of Texas - Medical School at Houston


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36320 Inland Valley Drive, Ste 203, CA, 92595

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(57 Reviews)
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google review

Went here due to my 9 month old having an ear ache and constantly fussing. His primary doctor who is amazing out of the Murrieta office could not see him nor anyone else at that facility so I was sent to the Wildomar location- and it will be the LAST time ever.Aside from the front desk nurse the rest of the staff who tended to us while there either seemed like they had better things to be doing and even blew off the small talk I or my 5 year old attempted to make he even noted the nurses attitude later and asked why she was mad- and the PA B Gordon who ended up seeing my infant only seemed to be concerned that I had not given him vaccines to the point where he made the comment with a snide tone Good luck with homeschooling a choice I am well aware of its implications and do not fear and am already doing with my 5 year old not that its any of his concern. I dont believe Ive ever felt so unwelcome and judged by a team of medical staff the way I did at this particular office with this PA and the attending nurse who took vitals prior. Extremely night and day from where both my boys are regularly seen and why I wont be going back to anywhere but the Murrieta location.Its one thing to make an informed suggestionrecommendation which I had already received by their primary but another to demean with unnecessary comments and take it a step further and note it on his medical chart that I refused the vaccines against the PAs advice despite his lengthy explanation of benefits etc. which by the way his explanation was all about 90 seconds tops while his after visit summary took about half the page noting things he didnt even mention to me but side from that if you get out in with PA B Gordon beware unless you are comfortable with being bullied or belittled for your parental choices over your childAdding he said my son didnt have an ear infection and that it was just slightly red went to a check up appointment with the primary that had been previously scheduled and when he looked it had developed into an ear infection and with some home remedies and an antibiotic he is all good again. Mind you the original PA tried telling me that the influenza vaccine would take care of that if I had him vaccinated or would diminish his likelihood of getting one. But all to circle back to because he wasnt vaccinated thats why he was sick even though with him he didnt note an infection on the after visit summary just my decline to life saving vaccinations.

Maritza Ramos
21 July 2024
google review

I think my doctor Dr Chen is great. Every time Ive been here everyone has been really nice it takes a long time for appointments sometimes but most of the time the wait seems pretty normal to other doctors Ive been to.

Tristan Ferguson
21 April 2024
google review

best pediatrician my daughter ever had everyone was always so kind

Kiara White
21 February 2024
google review

The doctors are fine and provide decent care Id say dr. Abjelina is the best one but as many of the reviews mention if you have a busy schedule do not go here. If you make an appointment and expect it to take 45 mins to an hour like most pediatricians offices Ive been to dont. Add at least 2 hours to that. I suspect appointments are more of a formality with this office and not something they really utilize or adhere to. Id understand if it was a couple times bc emergencies come up but its EVERY time.

Melody Galvan
21 August 2023
google review

Stay away from Dr. ChinShe seems easily bothered if you ask her to check out anything else. Been twice to her and each visit she was annoyed to be asked to look at other things. One child of mine had back pain from PE I asked if she could check the kidneys too and she was bothered I asked and told me I had to let the front desk know if I needed extra time to check other things. After demanding I get my kids kidneys looked at it was discovered my son had protein in his urine. Good thing I pushed to check them.Second visit my son was in for a physical and anxiety check. She wanted me to choose which one I wanted a physical or anxiety check. This doctor wont check out anything else unless you tell the front desk first when you book. Cant be put out.

Cheryl Menchaca
21 July 2022
google review

My childrens Dr. is awesome but the office and staff sucks at time management and scheduling. Dont over schedule 1 doctor with hella patients and make the patients wait over an hour and a half after their scheduled appointments to be seen. Its crazy to have to wait that long and it be a repeating problem.

Angelica Diggs
21 July 2022
google review

I love this pediatrician. They have always treated me and my children with care and respect. Dr. Camacho always takes the time to answer my questions. The wait time is totally average and is pretty short for a doctors office. The nurses are all gems and very helpful.

Charlotte Jorgensen
21 July 2021
google review

The wait times are very long . Over a hour everytime .Looking for a new Pediatrician because of this . Sometimes it takes a hour before we get called into a room then almost another hour until the Dr comes in .When you have a sickuncomfortable child waiting that long is ridiculous. On top of that they rarely answer the phone when you call to schedule a appointment and do not call you back when you leave a message . I stayed with them after the switch to childrens primary because I thought things would improve . We have had wonderful experiences with Radys childrens hospital and thought this office would step up to their standards but thats not the case Not worth the frustration.

Natalie solis
21 July 2020
google review

If it was possible to leave negative stars I would. I have to believe in my heart this is the absolute worst Doctors office in the nation. If there is one worse may God help those children.I wish I was exaggerating when I say that you have to call and leave between 12-20 voicemails in one day to get an appointment but Im not. When you try and do the courteous thing of leaving a message a day you will never get an appointment....ever. Im talking we called for WEEKS and never even got a returned phone call. It doesnt matter if your child is sick or if its a scheduled checkup you can bet this office wont care and will not call you back. I cant say enough bad things about this place.The only time theyve ever called us and they did it frequently was when due to their incompetence shocking they filed something with our insurance wrong and it got kicked back. So when they we owed them money we heard from them EVERY SINGLE DAMN DAY. Turns out theyre idiots and after us explaining things and hand holding them on how to do their jobs they finally figured it out and all was solved.If I was in the market for a pediatrician I would pick a Burmese shaman over this place.

Evan Doverspike
21 July 2018
google review

DO NOT TAKE YOUR KIDS TO THIS DUMPwaited for 2 hours to try and get a wellness check up.staff is incompetent and rude. they schedule 15 appointments for 1 doctor and will just keep moving you from room to room.they ask that you show up 15 min early but dont seen you till after 30 min from appointment time. then you wait and wait and wait. will never again step foot inside.

Chris Diaz
21 July 2018

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