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Dr. Faisal M. Qazi, DO

  • Location Address: 2895 N Towne Ave | Pomona, CA 91767
  • reviews Rating: 2.20 (22 reviews)
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About Dr. Faisal M. Qazi, DO

Dr. Faisal Qazi, DO is a Neurology Specialist in Pomona, CA and has over 20 years of experience in the medical field. Dr. Qazi has more experience with Neurodegenerative Disorders, Headache, and Epilepsy than other specialists in his area. He graduated from Touro University College Of Osteopathic Medicine--Vallejo medical school in 2001. He is affiliated with medical facilities such as Casa Colina Hospital and Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center. He has indicated that he accepts telehealth appointments.


22 Reviews
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2895 N Towne Ave, CA, 91767

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(22 Reviews)
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google review

My elderly mother is a patient here. I cannot get through to anyone going over two weeks now pharmacy has sent over numerous Rx authorization request - no response. Walking into the office for a follow up was of no help. Staff acknowledged the authorization req. were received and would be approved by the end of the day yet are still pending days later She has been without medication its unacceptable.

Lucy Gallo
25 February 2024
google review

Horrible when trying to get a referral for PT. Doctor referred me to PT when I went to my appointment. Unfortunately the PT will not schedule an actual appointment without the referral from the doctor. So I called back the office already twice asking if they could fax the referral over. They said that they would send the request to the doctor for that to happen. So far its been two weeks since I called and no one has responded. And then when you all the phone to complain most of the time you get put on hold for over 30 minutes before someone finally responds. The actual doctor was nice. But the rest of the office staff is clueless and not very helpful at all.UPDATE just found out the biggest issue and why we have problems communicating over the phone. Apparently their phone system is being handled by people in India. They are trying to redo the system was my understanding from the receptionist. Meanwhile when we call most of the time no one picks up and its being transferred to hold with music. How can one run a practice as large as this without a working effective phone system. Now when I need a response I have to drive over to the office and contact them directly in person. What a horrible way to run a practice

25 February 2024
google review

My insurance referred me here. I called I followed the phone tree and it goes nowhere. Multiple calls across two days at various normal-business-hours times resulted in nothing but muzak on the line. No. Just no. Answer the phone. 0 stars.

Christina Pankey
25 February 2024
google review

IMPOSSIBLE to speak to anyone. They will call you when they want to schedule your appointment or collect the money. Not able to call or email with any questions. Expect to spend hours on the phone waiting for someone to pickup. Very disappointed with the quality of service.

Laura Stephenson
25 December 2023
google review

Tried for a week trying to get ahold of this Dr. The one time I got through they hung up on me. Called back waited on hold for some time no response. I dont know how well the Dr performs but based on the staff that I cant get ahold of I wouldnt be to confident.

Mario Orlando
25 November 2023
google review

It is impossible to get through to them to make an appointment. You hold forever and no one answers. I have seen Dr. Qasi in the past and hes fine but getting through is an absolute nightmare.

Karen Leigh Strong
25 July 2023
google review

Returning calls and call center is very disappointing. We have left msg.s for 8 days and not a call back and when we call they put you on a 30 hold and still have no answers. This is poor service and the word will get out to the community.

connie Hamlow
25 June 2023
google review

I dont have an experience with the doctor but the call centerschedule staff is awful.Before asking me anything they refused to make me an appointment because I didnt have an authorization number which you dont need with a PPO insurance.Then after explaining that I dont need one they finally asked me what insurance I had.And then they still refused to make me an appointment just because the individual I was speaking to hadnt heard of my insurance company.It was like as soon as the phone call connected they had made up their mind that they didnt want to help me and didnt want to make me an appointment.What a joke.

Naima Schlichting
25 March 2023
google review

The staff at this office is completely incompetent. We have been getting the run around for 6 months just to get scheduled for a follow up appointment for my husband. He had DBS surgery in March and has only been seen for followupprogramming twice since then. We took measures into our own hands and contacted Jacinda who told us to call the office and have them schedule my husband in for 1219 at 11am. LC my husbands medical assistant spoke with me and confirmed the appointment. The following day my husband gets a voicemail asking him to call the office to confirm his appointment. He calls and is informed they only have availability for the afternoon on the 19th that they will contact Jacinda to check her availability. Here we are a week later and they have yet to call back. My husband just called the office only to be told by Cat that theyve been trying to contact us lies neither of us have received any phone calls and she will have LC contact us today something we continue to hear but never happens until we contact them to figure things out. Its ridiculous. They are totally hands on and on top of everything when it comes to the surgery and taking you on as a patient...But clearly the professionalism and caring for the patient AFTER they get paid by the insurance goes flying out the window.

Wendy C
25 February 2018
google review

You are only as good as your staff ... pretty much sums up the rating. Dr. Qazi is good but his staff is horrible. I had to reschedule my appointment and have to wait 5 months for the next available... so if you like to wait months for an appointment and like waiting in the waiting room forever then this is your office Oh and after the Social Security Office requested my records for 3 months without response I had to go get it myself. Of course had to wait 3 weeks to get the copies... more waiting

Stacey Sinica
25 February 2018

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