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Disability Rights California - Sacramento (Main)

After-School / Community Activities, Special Needs Attorneys
  • Location Address: 1831 K Street | Sacramento, CA 95811
  • reviews Rating: 3.20 (33 reviews)
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About Disability Rights California - Sacramento (Main)

Disability Rights California (DRC) is the agency designated under federal law to protect and advocate for the rights of Californians with disabilities. We work in litigation, legal representation, advocacy services, investigations, public policy, and provide information, advice, referral, and community outreach. For more than 40 years, DRC has worked to advance the rights of Californians with disabilities in education, employment, independence, health, and safety, and has grown into the largest disability rights organization in the nation.


33 Reviews
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1831 K Street, CA, 95811

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(33 Reviews)
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google review

Dont bother with these horrible people I just dealt with briefly I Just got hung up on and passed from one rude bitter female to another bitter rude intake female who hung up on a disabled man me seeking help from advocates who say THEY SPECIALIZE in helping the disabled The intake never said her name zero empathy zero kindness while this intake lady repeating the same thing which was NOTHING her phone broke off with the same words mumble gibberish and hung up on me not a gram of hearing anything from me ramped my anxiety up to 10 0 stars ZERO ANYTHING provided. No guidance nor hearing me out as I said nothing but I was abused while in therapy and hung up STAY AWAY FROM ANYONE WHO HANGS UP or passes you off to the next person as that is a reflection upon management for not training nor coaching their staff. GARBAGE

Da Real Fact Checker
14 July 2024
google review

I could never even talk to anyone. I tried calling but it makes me leave a voicemail every time automatically. Then I get a callback guessing automated and theres never anyone there. I called again and left a voicemail stating I was getting a call back but nobody was on the other line and if they were I could not hear them. I kept getting calls with no one on the line. It is the only way to get them to contact you back. I could tell by reading the website they wouldnt do much to help anyway. The list of the things they dont do is very detailed. In the list of the things they do do doesnt actually explain anything that they do. My guess is this company is just like any other major business that helps the corruption. While we nobodies get the run around.

Ginger Howell
14 July 2024
google review

Wow What a horrible experience The intake staff is uninformed about the fact that having a mental illness presents challenges for the person struggling with the illness to reach out to their organization directly. I called with a legal question regarding something I witnessed happening to someone with a mental illness. My question was is this legal in California The intake staff told me they needed to speak to the disabled person. When I told them that the disabled person is in a state of psychosis that prevents her from contacting them they stated that their rules were to protect me and the disabled person and they could not talk to me. This organization is not set up to to be able to help people struggling with mental health problems in California. Many people experiencing a mental health crisis would not be able to contact Disability Rights CA themselves. I was not able to advance in their process and speak with an advocate or attorney so that I could ask my legal question. Intake person Valerie hung up on me and Carmen threatened to hang up on me but opted to keep me on perpetual hold instead. She said that they have been told that they can hang-up on callers. Huh This organization is not equipped to take on the real demands created by the current mental health crisis in our country. Their intake staff desperately needs training Shame on you Disability Rights CA

14 July 2024
google review

This is the only agency you need to connect all the dots when raising a disabled family member by yourself.They show you how to get the help you need with their vast library of well researched topics from every thing from advocacy to waivers with forms and easy step by step instructions to help get through anything and better your situation.Should you need representation and its within the commitment goals they set they determine that based on each persons case it starts with a call to 800 number screener takes info from you and advocate calls within 2 days to discuss further be sure youve done your homework as it s usually answered from resource library .

first last
14 July 2024
google review

Completely and utterly useless when Konocti Unified School District was sedating my child without my permission and putting him in handcuffs in 2017. Like less than useless they were doing the polar opposite of protecting my child.

Whitney Petrey
14 July 2024
google review

I would like to point out that this organization exploits the people it is supposed to help. They do not do anything to help the rights of the disabled in California this organization along with DFEH is one of many responsible for contributing to the homeless epidemic by committing legal malpractice against the people it should be protecting.I live in Riverside County where there is no code enforcement and rent from a real estate investment trust who has connections with judges law enforcement etc. I have had a roof leak since Jan 2019 and have also dealt with other issues where I cannot go in and out my front door because of water damage pipe leak costing me 200month in water bill removal of privileges like AC or fence and years of text harassment threatening me with unjust legal action. I lived in fear of my former property manager filing a case in superior court for money I have already paid for 3 years.In April 2023 I reached out to Disability Rights Ca to tell them I have opened a dozen cases through legal aid and dfeh but still have a roof leak. A lady named Tracy Walsh explained that DFEH will not help because I needed to request the roof leak repair as a disability accommodation. Ms Walsh helped me to send a disability accommodation letter where I seek a new manager who doesnt play games over rent status and will respond to repair requests. I received a 60 day notice in response to the letter 4 days later.I am currently homeless and I have a court judgment against me for rent that I have already paid. My landlords son was able to file a case in his Dads name against me while my actual landlord was able to keep accepting rent I was locked away from my belongings on two days notice and with my rent fully paid right after a major accident This happened because of Disability Rights California and ICLS legal malpractice.The term for the 3.5 years of harrassment from hostile management is called a self help eviction. In my case they delayed the repairs because I was rent protected at around 50 of rental market value. The fact that these organizations allowed me to be subject to this torture for so many years makes them just as guilty as my slumlord.When I called back to set up a second case I was highly abused by this organization. Not only are they failing to protect me from the response to what they helped me with legal malpractice they are horribly cruel gaslighters. If you do not have a support system to speak to these people on your behalf do not even reach out to them.My second case in Jan 2024 involved a social worker and a lawyer. They opened a new case officially and we spoke for about 1.5 minutes before we agreed that it was a civil rights violation. They transferred me to the civil rights division of Disability Rights California where I was left on hold for 45 minutes.From this point I was gaslighted by DRC for 4 months as I repeatedly tried to reach their civil rights division. I called back once a week asking to be transferred to civil rights or to speak with the social worker who had transferred me to the civil rights division. I spoke with multiple employees who rudely informed me that advice was already given to me and your case is closed no advice was ever given I was transferred to the civil rights divisionAfter a couple months of gaslighting from DRC employees I ended up filing a grievance in an attempt to find out the name of the social worker and what advice was given to me. DRC refused to help stop the harassment the letter they helped with brought upon me. They wouldnt mediate to get habitability or management issues addressed and when you ask DRC to do their job they treat you like you are crazy or being petty to elicit an emotional reaction from you.I have started an Instagram SlumlordsGetProtected that details my experience. As soon as I recover from this trauma I plan to add more correspondence from the organizations that are supposed to help but exploit. I have lost the past four years of my life being a full-time landlord tenant law researcher

Shaun Patrick
30 June 2024
google review

Im utterly disgusted and in tears. 2 minutes ago I called the number hoping to get pointed in the right direction. I didnt think I was calling the exact number however I thought calling that number would be a good start The woman that answered the call was absolutely rude and downright hurtful. I was trying to explain that I needed help with some type of disability advocate for serious issues with Kaiser I also apologized for stuttering and sounding confused and I explained how I became disabled 4 years ago and Im still learning how to do things differently well like I said already You called the wrong number call 211 becoming disabled has been extremely humbling and it is so sad that any human being especially when with a mental disability would have to explain themselves to that extent while asking for help. Where is the kindness Where is the empathy for human beings especially ones that are struggling enough to even try to advocate for themselves. I dont want to leave a long and exhausting review like this but its imperative that representatives that work with the disabled should be more kind. We never know what the next person might be going through and how one small thing could set them over the edge. Its a wonder why I have accepted defeat and not reached out as much as I wanted to. I will add this to another door that has been slammed in my face. I hope whatever is going on with her and her life gets better.

dawn forrespect
14 January 2024
google review

I only added a star because of the information provided to me so I could seek help somewhere else. Although useful I noticed that my case was turned down -before- it was discussed with their legal staff. This means the legal staff did not even care enough to hear my case prior to making their decision. Its ok because as I informed others I am not going to stop making awareness about those who have been harmed mentally and have mental distress and those who are turned down from seeking help. I have come to the realization that this department and others ONLY really care whether or not an individual has a physical disability not mental. I do not believe -any- CA gov. agency or attorney I have come across fully grasps the stress depression anxiety that people can have after being harassed and lied on by the very ones they go to for protection their insurance company. Even proof of this isnt enough. While this may be disability rights of CA and they may have helped those who have PHYSICAL disabilities they have neglected the issues people have which cannot be seen therefore leaving no hope.

Skater Lover
14 July 2021
google review

They were awesome. Not sure if same people are still there but helped our family in past with respite issues. Overall a great organization with super attorneys who are underpaid and overworked fighting for a good cause. Disability Rights Attorneys are a rare breed. They need more support so they can help others who are suffering in the system serving disabled.

Kim Oakley
14 July 2018
google review

Aims to destroy special education programs and put students where their needs wont be accommodated simply because they want equality. Cant fight for equality when there is no equality to fight for in the first place. This group hasnt gotten the message.

14 July 2018

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