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Children's Hospital - KidSTART

Speech Therapy, Physical Therapy, Audiologists
  • Location Address: 3665 Kearny Villa Road Suite 410 | San Diego, CA 92123
  • reviews Rating: 3.00 (19 reviews)
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About Children's Hospital - KidSTART

Rady Children’s Hospital-San Diego is the region’s pediatric medical center serving San Diego, Imperial and southern Riverside counties. We treat children from birth to 18 years old as well as a small number of adults with certain conditions for which we have specialized services.


19 Reviews
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  • In-clinic

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Practice Names

  • Practice icon Rady's Children's Hospital - KidSTART


  • person icon Stephen Kingsmore, M.D., D.Sc., President and Chief Executive Officer

Founding Story

Dr. Stephen F. Kingsmore is President/CEO of Rady Children's Institute for Genomic Medicine where he leads a multi-disciplinary team of scientists, physicians and researchers who are pioneering the use of rapid Whole Genome Sequencing to enable precise diagnoses for critically-ill newborns. Among his achievements, Dr. Kingsmore holds the Guinness World Reco
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Education and Training

  • Education badge MB ChB BAO BSc and DSc degrees from the Queen's University of Belfast
  • Education badge Clinical immunology in Northern Ireland
  • Education badge Residency in internal medicine and fellowship in rheumatology at Duke University Medical Center


  • English

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3665 Kearny Villa Road Suite 410, CA, 92123

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google review

I remember when I came to the ER at Rady Childrens in 2017 I came in because I was struggling greatly because of my mental health but I gave the facility here a 3 star because I felt like the doctor didnt take my suffering 100 seriously because they thought my mental health was better than it was but it may looked like I was happy outward but I wasnt I was going through a lot of pain but I gave a little extra stars because they did a great effort with helping me in the ER and a Screening Unit but also watching to see if I was ok ty for your help

Jamila Katzefox
12 March 2024
google review

So besides being a San Diego County Affiliated unit for the whole county. Most kids will end up at this place if they self harm in any way shape or form even speaking the words a child will end up here.The lack of communication with the parents is what gets to me. No responsibility or accountability for what happenes inside this unit because youre not allowed in there but schedule window times to speak with your child you know like jail. My daughter suffered a few incidents with the staff here and NO One not one person let me know this happened. These people are not here to help you they are there to tie Your hands like I was told in anything that happens to your child here. And you will never know it happened until your child tells you what happened and the Blame game starts I didnt know it happened I wasnt here when it happened it was a different shift nurse or doctor. The excuses I got were just horrible why this unit is the way it is.Lets forward to the meeting of releasing my daughter a meeting in the CAPS unit with a broken AC blasting the room we had to have a meeting in there great spot CAPS unit and a scribbled paper from the Psychiatrist youre going to tell me that the release of my child from A psychiatric clinic is based on a sheet of paper written by a psychiatrist no signatures or anything just a paper and when I tried bringing up the doctor Lied about a longer stay people deviate the lie or clean their hands so that they dont get smeared with the blame. Employees know there is a huge problem with Radys and the way things run at this place I know this because I was told this by an employee but theyre either quiet for their Jobs or complacent in them earning a paycheck. But I know there is a lot wrong how things run in CAPS. I bet someone will end up just giving me the patient advocacy number which is just an Oxymoron number.And I am tired of the apologies and sorrys maybe for a change take responsibility or accountability and fix whats really broken at this place employees Know exactly whats wrong with this place and know the people that should not work there youre just as responsible for the people doing wrong to children. Remember you are not there to HELP the child You are there for the job you interviewed and earning a paycheck you want to help tell the people that are doing families wrong call them out and tell your damn supervisor or manager or someone who will fix the problem. Almost everyone I encountered has been a Fake Help in disguises of a nurse doctor or sitters.

Claudio Cruz
12 February 2024
google review

Because the reviews are being kept from full public view it only lets you see a tiny window no scroll. Works to hide bad reviews and you take care of childrenwho come with parents Im posting a review based on this. And I question it.. why hide reviews from parents with sick children Sounds like some drs are condescending And maybe the staff doesnt realize when your patient is a child their families are also patients. I hope the negative reviews were incorrect. Thats disturbing.

Star masterton
12 May 2022
google review

I loved itD made 3 friends

Oliver McGee
12 May 2022
google review

We were referred by our primary to Radys Childrens Behavioral. This office never called us back never returned multiple messages and the phone number on the main page comes us as disconnected. When a child is in need this is not how you do business. Very unprofessional and waste of my time and exhausting to try to get an appointment. The USCD childrens behavioral office called me back within 5 min and helped me get an appointment. I would recommend anyone to go there instead.

Alicia Cromien
12 May 2021
google review

The difference they make is immeasurable. My sons progress as well as other kids is their priority and it shows.

Olga Valle
12 May 2020
google review


yasmin owniss
12 May 2020
google review

All the staff is helpful and always with a smile . The facility is well kept clean.

Dorinca Cruz
12 May 2018
google review

Radys is an inefficient conglomorate. Every time I deal with them is a painful experience. The waits are crazy and they couldnt care less. If they werent the only real game in town for pediatrics I would run away screaming.

Meyer Zohn
12 May 2017
google review

Not patient in explaning things or really knowing how to treat the patients and let you wait for over an hour

Jing Yang
12 May 2017

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