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Child & Adolescent Neurology Consultants

  • Location Address: 1111 Exposition Blvd Building 700, Suite 102 | Sacramento, CA 95815
  • reviews Rating: 2.94 (73 reviews)
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About Child & Adolescent Neurology Consultants

A board-certified pediatric neurologist, Dr. Asaikar is highly skilled in behavioral/developmental disorders and general pediatric neurology. Dr. Asaikar’s special interests include epilepsy cerebral palsy, movement disorders, neuromuscular disease, as well as the overlaps between neurology, behavior and development in children and young adults. In 2008, he was named “Best Doctor” by the readers of the Sacramento News & Review.


73 Reviews
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Board Certifications

  • Certification badge American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology
  • Certification badge Certification in Clinical Electrophysiology

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  • Education badge M.D., Bombay University
  • Education badge M.B.B.S., Bombay University


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1111 Exposition Blvd Building 700, Suite 102, CA, 95815

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(73 Reviews)
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google review

My 15 year old daughter and almost 3 year old son both have Epilepsy and need medication to control and hopefully prevent seizures.They each have a different type of Epilepsy. My sons has been a little harder to get under control with medication but Dr. Asaikar has been monitoring every time we try a new medication and I believe he has found one that is working for my son. He always tries to bond with my son and play sometimes my son will play and sometimes he will just want me to hold him.He also jokes around I guess my experience is different from a lot of peoples on here. He is straightforward and I really appreciate that.Genetic testing has been ordered twice and Im not sure whats happening with that. I havent heard any results from that yet or if it needs to be re-ordered. The front desk can be a little frustrating to deal with or get ahold of someone sometimes. I have never had issues with my kids prescriptions being sent to the pharmacy and can always expect exactly what they have told me they ordered for my kids.

Rosita Ortiz
12 May 2024
google review

Dr. Asaikar is outstanding. He has done so much for our daughter. She started seeing him at age 13 and she is now 20 with virtually no symptoms. He figured out that she was not on the right medications. He quickly made changes and the results have been phenomenal. Thank you to your awesome staff. Outstanding and Life Changing

Kristi Halva
12 May 2024
google review

Second appointment with this doctor in three months. Both times had to wait over an hour to be seen. Whats the point of an appointment Both time Ive had to wake my infant to arrive on time only to have them scream their heads off for over an hour because the doctor couldnt give us the courtesy of being on time. Plus then when we were finally seen the appointment was less than five minutes long with the doctor being very rushed rude and unhelpful. We chose this doctor because hes supposedly the best in Northern California. Perhaps his reputation has inflated his head because hes certainly the worst doctor Ive ever been a patient with.

Mellissa Edens
12 May 2024
google review

Doctor Asaikar is one of the best doctors Ive ever been to. And when your kid is sick you want the best.Some people are put off by the way he speaks but if you have trouble following him just tell him like I do all the time and the Doc will explain it in less technical terms.Hes not all warm and fuzzy--dont expect him to pick up and hug your kid. Instead he cares deeply by fighting with Insurance companies or going around them avoiding unnecessary evasive procedures and doing things like travelling to Europe on his own dime to learn new procedures for kids.It can be hard finding your way around the offices phone system but once get the right person youll get taken care of. I have had to wait in his waiting room for over an hour on two occasions. Once was because he was squeezing me in. The thing is when you go to a specialist like this he has some very sick kids so you never know when he ends up having to go to the hospital do a unexpected procedure in office or has to explain to parents why their child is dying.Instead of getting angry at the wait thank God its not your kid with the serious condition--maybe say a prayer for them the kid and the doc.My point is when you deal with specialist youll sometimes have to wait. And most dont have TVs in every room like your kids dentist. But when Doctor Asaikar goes into the little room hes stepping up to bat for your kid if your kid has a serious neurological condition hes the best--unless of course theres someone who specialties in whatever you kid has in which case hell do an initial eval and tell you to make an appointment with that doctor.Hes already told us that if our daughter requires surgery then hell first send us to the Bay area to see the one doctor in California who know more about our daughters condition than he does. Hes ridiculously smart but NOT arrogant. You cant hope for more from a doctor.

MJ Ware
12 May 2024
yelp review

Eric Drs PA is worth his weight in gold. Is always on top of anything he says he will do. Called today to get a refill on meds and within 30 minutes I...

Janet P.
17 April 2024
google review

I was told I need to schedule a phone appt so they could squeeze me in. The never called me and closed early that day. I wait months to see this doctor.

Jamie Simpson
12 January 2024
yelp review

I just called this place about 20 mins ago to reschedule an appt for my child. the receptionist i spoke to sounded young possibly in her 30s maybe 40s. ...

Almony N.
03 January 2024
google review

Dr Asaikar himself is amazing. However my son began having seizures in January 2023. We had an EEG which did not show anything and finally got an MRI in JUNE of 2023 We had an appt one day that i thought was his follow up and they said that we didnt actually have an appt. So then they never actually scheduled a follow up. They called and left me a message last Thursday and I have called repeatedly and left messages and have not heard back. So this is 10 months and I have no idea whats going on with my child.

Maria Nunez
12 November 2023
google review

Dr Asaikar 5 stars.Front Office staff 0 starsOffice cleanliness 0 starsPromptness 2 starsDrs time with Pt attention 5 starsI still give this office 4 stars because I believe finding a good neurologist that is knowledgeable about your childs rare condition you and your child feel comfortable with and takes your insurance is basically like finding a unicorn spinning gold at the end of a rainbow. So you put up with the bad because its worth it.Trying to get an appointment or even a call back is ridiculously hard but if you call non-stop youll either get someone on the phone or get a call back eventually. And the reception waiting area could use a good scrub down but the exam rooms seem to sterilized between patients so bring some hand sanitizer thats kind of standard anyway.Yes there is usually an hour or so wait once you get there is it the best thing No but when the Dr is in the room with your child he isnt rushing to make up that time. He gives everyone his full attention and the time they need during the apt. He goes the extra mile for his patients your child is not just a name on a chart to Dr Asaikar.No Dr. Asaikar isnt one to play with the kid or make jokes he is very direct in letting you know his thoughts on Dx and Tx plans and the reasons behind them. He speaks to my daughter rather than about her in her presence. When it comes to something serious like this I feel more comfortable being clear on his treatment plan and make sure 100 of my questions are answered and my daughter appreciates that he speaks to her as well it is her health after all.All in all Id 100 recommend Dr Asaikar to anyone asking. We have considered looking for another Neurologist multiple times ONLY because of the negligent front office but after looking around reading reviews and asking multiple other parents it looks like we are in the right place.

Brooke Lee
12 May 2021
google review

Dr. Paul Chretien is absolutely wonderful. He is extremely attentive to my son and his responses as well as my concerns. He listens thoroughly and responds in terms that I can understand. He has brought more comfort to our situation than any other Dr. we have been to in the 7 years prior to being referred to him. He has helped me understand my son. There is a wait when in the waiting area. But to me that i s understandable with everyones situations being different and parents having questions I would prefer that everyone has the opportunity to get all the information they need and not be cut off rather than my appointment be on time. Especially since many of us are traveling from several hours away. Also the reception staff is amazing We have not had one bad experience.

Chardei Abbott
12 May 2019
google review

My daughter is a patient here. Her doctor is great. The staff here are terrible. They dont answer the phones they dont return calls over schedule appointments and their documentation conflicts itself. Im really tired of driving two hours for an appointment just to sit in the waiting room for an hour.Several months and several visits later and we still have the same exact issues. No one answers phone calls no one returns messages. Youre scheduled for a 1000 appointment and youre not moved to a room until 1115. We are looking for a new neurologist. We love our doctor but the staff is just horrible.

robert mendosa
12 May 2019
yelp review

Worst experience for the past 3 years. We saw Dr Asaikar for migraines. Couldnt get it right which does happen. I understand. We would routinely wait for...

Heidi W.
09 June 2018
google review

I have two sons who have been patients of Dr Asaikar for 13 years. It is true that you will wait awhile to see him but that is because he spends time with his patients and their families. Years ago we came in for EKG results for our son this was back at his old office next door to Sutter Memorial. The results had not yet been posted by the hospital so Dr Asaikar walked with us across the street to the hospital to view the results. Im sure this made him behind for the rest of the day but he knew we needed answers. Other times we are only with Dr for 10 minutes but sometimes that is all the time he needs. Once he walked into the room shook my sons hand and turned to me and asked how long my son had had scoliosis. To which I replied that I didnt know he did. We were referred to Shiners and Dr Asiakar was right on. Four years ago Dr Asaikar referred my boys to the Make a Wish foundation. Make A Wish reviewed the referral and called Dr Asaikar to say they would not be granting the boys wishes. Dr Asaikar took the director out to lunch and explained to him why my boys deserved wishes. Both boys received wishes and our family was able to make some incredible memories.It takes a bit of time to truly get to know Dr Asaikar but his medical knowledge is superior and he cares deeply for his patients. I can honestly say he loves my children.

Kim Jones
12 May 2017

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