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Behavior Frontiers Autism Center - Rocklin

ABA Therapy, Early Intervention, Social Skills Training + 2 more
  • Location Address: 2209 Plaza Drive, Suite 100 | Rocklin, CA 95765
  • reviews Rating: 3.86 (20 reviews)
Ages ServedAges Served:
0 - 25 years
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About Behavior Frontiers Autism Center - Rocklin

Behavior Frontiers is a leading provider of ABA treatments and therapies for autism spectrum and other behavior disorders. Our highly skilled clinicians and therapists offer individualized, effective assessments and solutions based on proven, research-based methods. Our ABA treatment programs are delivered by Behavior Frontiers’ knowledgeable and highly trained clinical staff members using accurate and results-driven ABA methods to improve the quality of life for children and their families. We’re raising the mark of excellence in ABA quality care to deliver comprehensive support with real results for families everywhere.​


20 Reviews
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Conditions Supported

  • checked icon Autism
  • checked icon Behavioral Disorders

Care Settings

  • In-home
  • Virtual
  • In-school
  • In-clinic

Age Ranges Served

  • person icon 0 - 25 years

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  • person icon Helen Mader, M.A., BCBA Founder & CEO

Founding Story

I am personally dedicated to helping children with autism and other special needs to receive the highest quality ABA services available through our comprehensive and individualized ABA treatment programs. Why am I committed to ABA as the treatment of choice for children with autism spectrum disorders? Well, at Behavior Frontiers we have used ABA methods t

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    Anthem Blue Cross
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    Blue Shield of California
  • Cigna
  • ComPsych
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2209 Plaza Drive, Suite 100, CA, 95765

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(20 Reviews)
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google review

I got into ABA because I was honestly just looking for another job. I usually skip out on a job after a year but Im still here 2.5 years later and I dont plan on going anywhere. I have found true fulfillment in the field of ABA. And I am so grateful for Behavior Frontiers for providing such a wonderful work environment that is client oriented and inclusive toward people from every background this includes employees. The success of our clients is so very important for their future endeavors. For me ABA has become more than just a career path. I dont even consider ABA work. This field has become not only a way to give back to my community but the best way of life for me. I genuinely love working for this company and I adore my coworkers. That said I have never worked with such a wonderful group of people or company. I am truly blessed and so very thankful.

12 May 2024
google review

I am extremely satisfied as an employee for Behavior Frontiers. Management is very supportive and always available to answer any questions or concerns I may have.The children participate in a variety of activities that not only help them learn new skills but are also enjoyable and engaging for them. The staff and overall culture of this center is such a positive and encouraging environment for the children.I also appreciate the emphasis on collaboration and social opportunities for the kids. The children have the chance to interact with their peers in structured settings which is so helpful in improving social skills and building friendships.Overall I highly recommend the Rocklin center for any families in need of quality services for their children.

Jill Granados
12 May 2024
google review

Being here for almost a year has really given me lots of insight into this career and this center in general The staff are extremely supportive and really give it their all to care for these kids. Theyve shown me the ropes to a field I knew nothing about and I have grown so much from the support given by the clinical team and that we are all able to give our clients what they need.

12 May 2024
google review

As someone whos new to ABA field I could have been more appreciative of working in this center specifically. Staff from the start are helpful to begin with friendly professional and welcoming people. Supervisors and staff are comfortable working with each other and always willing to help each other out creating a positive work environment for us and also to the clients were working with.

Ysabelle Eustaquio
12 May 2024
google review

As soon as I have them a poor review on Google they dropped me and said they no longer have room for my child. Also just a warning to the public you shouldnt send sensitive medical information and account numbers via an unsecured email. Legitimate practices use a secured patient portal or HIPAA compliant way to gather this information on an intake. Id be skeptical of this group based on how they dropped me right after I publicly stated frustration and attempted yet again to get on the waitlist. There are other options.

Ryan J
12 May 2024
google review

Strange how all the 5 stars have no written reviews but for my opinion Ive been back and forth emailing them for months and every time someone gives me a weird reason why Im not on a waitlist yet cant tell me how long it is and keeps saying I need to fill out an intake form in various ways theyve stated the form is on their website or they sent it or theyre going to send it. How hard is it to take on a new client and get them a form It feels like a typical game that is often played in healthcare when they dont have the resources to help. They make it look like theyre trying to avoid reported complaints but they give a run around over and over. Its sad that many healthcare agencies and ABA therapy places act like this in our country. Ive seen it in the Bay Area and in Nevada. Same run around and no treatment for the kids.

Ryan Jacobson
12 May 2024
google review

Staff is very friendly and helpful. Clients are very well cared for.

Alise Blim
12 May 2024
google review

DO NOT WORK HERE They are very negligent to workers they do not meet requirements you signed up for if your looking for steady hours you will not get it here also no one answers your phone emails or text messages not even supervisors and all together just unprofessional

Ahmia Bell
12 March 2024
google review

Use to work here its double standard condescending place. My first interview I walked in and spoke to the Clinical Director she had shes soulless eyes and could tell a bad vibe was being sent my way because I was extremely uncomfortable. I still took the job. One day I spoke to my boss about the issue where they said I needed to have a good relationship as an admin with the clinical team yet the clinical team definitely made it very clear they didnt like me. Well they let me go. Invalidated my feelings and told me I was being let go because I guess my ability to create client stimuli. The simplest thing which has nothing to do with making the center run keeping everything safe or even clean. I was let go do to the part time admin who messed up the stimuli gave it to the supervisor and the supervisor comes back to me to basically blame me for someones elses problem. The kids are great but the people in that environment are demons. They are selfish and will ignore you because of who you are. They didnt like me. So I get fired for it which is discrimination.Might I add to the fact that I was not CERTIFIED BCAT AND THEY MAKE ME TAKE CARE OF CHILDREN WHICH WAS ILLEGAL. I made a complaint that I should not be assist any TECHNICIAN. They didnt learn and continue to use me with or without proper certification.They should lose their licenses because I see multiple issues at hand that OSHA and HIPPA should be involved for.Thank you for wasting my time and giving me a job that definitely was not suited for me since being two faced is required for you to work there.Happy New Year

12 January 2024
google review

PARENTS BEWARE If you are a working parent gainfully employed DO NOT BRING YOUR CHILD HERE. The scheduling and or lack thereof is too inconsistent unfortunately. Sessions are often cancelled unbeknownst to parents causing anguish to those of us who have jobs. You are often left to either call out from your job and or scramble for other means of care for your child. Too many unpredictable days here in this center. I have missed important meetings as a result of no-shows in this center staff members not returning sessions being cancelled etc. A NIGHTMARE Someone is always cancelling and or calling out. They do not have a robust system in place at all. There are other ABA clinics in Placer county that may have a better system in place but again if you are a working parent and or a single working parent DO NOT BRING YOUR CHILD HERE. Theres another clinic within close proximity in that same parking structure and I was told that other parents have also complained about Behavior Frontiers to the other clinic. PARENTS ARE CRYING as a result of Behavior Frontiers scheduling tactics that have left countless parents on edge.BE CAREFUL PARENTS

Keitha Rose
12 August 2023

Beaming Review

I was against ABA because there were a lot too many restrictions but I like the play-based therapy that Behavior Frontier uses to help autistic children. I would absolutely suggest Behavior Frontier to others.
Firouzeh 6 years old
11 June 2023

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