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Bay Area Legal Aid - San Francisco County

Special Needs Attorneys
  • Location Address: 1800 Market Street, 3rd Floor | San Francisco, CA 94102
  • reviews Rating: 3.20 (21 reviews)
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About Bay Area Legal Aid - San Francisco County

For many in our communities, justice is not an abstract ideal. It is food, shelter, and protection. It is the difference between staying in poverty and getting out, between dependence and self-reliance. But without help, justice is often denied. In the Bay Area, more than 1.2 million people live in poverty. More than half of these families have a full-tim

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21 Reviews
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  • person icon Genevieve L. Richardson - Executive Director; University of Colorado School of Law, 2000; University of Colorado, B.A., Philosophy: Law and Society

Founding Story

Genevieve Richardson is a social justice attorney who has been committed to advancing the civil legal rights of low-income families throughout the San Francisco Bay Area for over 17 years. Prior to becoming Executive Director, Genevieve served as Managing Attorney of BayLegal’s regional offices in Contra Costa, Marin, and Napa Counties. As Managing Attorney,
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Education and Training

  • Education badge University of Colorado School of Law, 2000
  • Education badge University of Colorado, B.A., Philosophy: Law and Society


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1800 Market Street, 3rd Floor, CA, 94102

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  • orange phone icon (415) 982-1300
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(21 Reviews)
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google review

I received a call back from a callous sounding person who seemed put off when I asked for her first name Somoa or something like that. But I spent a few minutes explaining my legal situation before realizing she was totally unresponsive. So I asked for confirmation that she was still there. She answered in a way suggesting she was tolerating my explanation. Anyway in a moment she turned on me and said she was terminating the call. So word to the wise if you get one nasty lawyer try-try again until you get one that actually speaks like a lady or gentleman.

Chase Berggren
26 May 2024
google review

Outstanding. Id been dealing with a long winded labor case and the lawyer who helped me immediately assisted just by asking me to request my employee file. Everything was in the file that proved my case. Truly an excellent service.

Shani Heckman
26 May 2024
google review

I was trying to get help with a breach of contract situation in regards to housing and they referred me to a person who deals with medical. Only to waste 45 days of corresponding for them to tell me to contact the Bar Association

Lah Body
26 May 2024
google review

I have heard so very much good things about them... Especially when I was incarcerated and nobody cared how jail staff were treating us but they cared....

Matt Scott (Wazir El Ansar Abdullah)
26 January 2024
google review

The staff here is wonderful to work with. The best social workers in the bay area

26 November 2023
google review

They have treated me horribly and the lgbt community hates

Erika Melendez
26 October 2023
google review

They were Nice and it seemed like I was gonna get some justice. Instead I got let down due to a nepotist con artist protection racket who got away with robbing me for everything I ever worked for and also what my parents also worked for. All gone. SFPD is wrongFor giving me Covid on my birthday and had them lie about when I contracted it. They Falsified what happened as they falsely imprisoned me and Stole my car. predatory towing with most of my tools and doccuments in it. I got to auto return while made homeless by a evil sick criminal con artist landlord Grosvenor. I got to auto return and my car was on a jack stand like they removed parts off of it with no way to get it out.Thanks to SFPD. I have no way to get ahead. Bay area legal aid didnt consider my disability to be a factor In my opinion has overlooked all the torture that I was put through by a con artist landlord who exposed me to poison that has me pissing in my pants while trying to move. Bay area legal aid simply goes. oh well. were closing your Case. You signed the agreement . I signed it. Because I had no other choice not aware i was gonna have these health problems That made it impossible to move especially while the courts extenuate all the crime this landlord Has committed.Statute of limitations They are wrong for putting me through all the mayhem I got put through by Grosvenor.During a pandemic This sneaky pretentious landlord swapped our dishes and silverware. While they have years and years of experience with their own law firm. I was made homeless Robbed for my clothes and car along with everything else this criminal landlord had SFPD give me CovidI wake up every day in dis belief Can someone Please tell me why any of that is ok So far it was all a complete waste of time because there is no justice.Im disabled why did you guys allow them to make me homeless while. Grosvenor even hacked my computer.I know they did 100.Evidence.. I heard them talking about it because they were above me in 19F unaware I heard them. I got so mad they took photos of me driving me crazy with a selfie stick at my window taking photos as they had me So fed up I was on a megaphone telling everyone what that landlord is guilty of...Trespassing and theft not burglary Oh because they own the building not Everything in it rightWhat a completeshame. Grosvenor simply says to the police weve always had problems with him in the past That propery ownertaker GROSVENOR ALWAYS HAS BEEN THE ONE AND ONLY PROBLEMWhat will it take for me to get that through to the judge who I never had a chance to speak with in person. No justice what so ever. Just Nepotists who I dont think will admit it.

26 August 2023
google review

I am a disabled and new to SF being denied medically related assistance. Not only was it made clear that they are too busy to help me but dismissed my denial of coverage issue immediately. When I called them to report that Id finally received written verification that I am being denied benefits which theyd previously agreed that I am legally entitled to I didnt even get an apology for their unhelpful incorrect and dismissive assessment.

Noël Renée
26 May 2022
google review

The attorneys who i have had the privilege to work on my cases have been beyond amazing. They have set the bar high for every attorney I may connect with in the future. They have all been diligent professional knowledge and put in the hard work. In addition they go far and beyond to offer support in other areas I can truly say and mean this 100 that they have a real passion for helping people and no matter your current situation or struggle is they treat everyone equally and support their clients no different. Could go on and on because I have so much good to say. Thanks BALA

26 May 2021
google review

Absolutely disappointing experience.I was humiliated and left alone when I needed help the most. Do not trust these people. Find a private attorney who will provide a true legal assistance. These people are underpaid and obviously unhappy because they just lead you on to make you do what they want and when a crucial time comes they drop the ball.Most are fresh Bar Graduates and no experience. Young and fraternity type lawyers. Your families and your lives deserve more

Monika Ehrenberg
26 May 2018

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