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A Happy Family Behavioral Services

ABA Therapy, Early Intervention, Parent Training
  • Location Address: 13400 Riverside Dr. #212 | Sherman Oaks, 91423
  • reviews Rating: 4.20 (15 reviews)
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About A Happy Family Behavioral Services

Wondering what to expect from autism therapy at home with A Happy Family? Our company is owned and operated by a parent just like you. So the service your child or adolescent receives has been optimized by someone who understands your needs, desires, and frustrations. It’s because we’ve been in your shoes that your ca

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15 Reviews
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Conditions Supported

  • checked icon Autism
  • checked icon ADHD
  • checked icon Mental Health Conditions
  • checked icon Behavioral Disorders

Care Settings

  • In-home
  • Virtual

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Founding Story

Our company is owned and operated by a parent just like you. So the service your child or adolescent receives has been optimized by someone who understands your needs, desires, and frustrations. It’s because we’ve been in your shoes that your care and support is such a high priority.


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Molina Healthcare

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13400 Riverside Dr. #212, 91423

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(15 Reviews)
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google review

This is the worst ABA company I have ever used. They are very unprofessional including the director. The first red flag I noticed about the company was the first week they started and sent new staff without a supervisor the whole week and even part of the first week staff was a no show. Secondly the staff constantly calls off or shows up late with multiple excuses. In addition when staff comes in there is an excuse to leave earlier than the scheduled time with more excuses. I even mentioned this to their supervisor and director but nothing was done. The worst of it all is that this same individual they hired tells so much lies and even made multiple offers to babysit my child and told me not to tell her company which I declined and she kept offering to do multiple side jobs for me and my family which we also declined and she wasnt happy that we didnt offer her any side jobs. She even asked if she can come have dinner few times which I thought was strange. There is also proof of videos from surveillance camera of the this same staff taking food from my house to go home and eat and the list goes on with how they treat their clients they dont even bother to listen to what their client has to say. This is the most disorganized company I have ever dealt with and they are only money hungry and dont care about their client. I dont know how they hire incompetant staff to provide ABA service to vulnerable children. I will never recommend this company to anyone.

franca uchemefuna
03 March 2024
google review

Do NOT USE THIS COMPANY. I am leaving this review on behalf of a family friend. My friend was treated unfairly this company sent an unreliable lying and unprofessional employee to provide services. The employee had the nerves to protray damaging lies and knowing fully well there is cctv camera in the house. This company terminate services without listening to my friends side of the story. I would NEVER recommend or use your services. Anyone can own a business but it takes diligence respect and caring about your clients to run a five star successful business

03 March 2024
google review

I chose this place because of the many awesome reviews. Unfortunately I have not received the same service. I understand that it takes awhile to verify insurance. But I call and leave voice messages Ive emailed and no one responds until I call back and eventually get someone in the line. Im told Ill get a call back once its looked into and I dont receive a call back. This is some parents last resort trying to get their child help. And to be treated so lightly is not a great feeling. I Doyle just find another office but Ive already waited almost 6 weeks and I do not want to restart this process. I believe this is a great place and am willing to change my review once I actually get the service requested. Thanks.

Felicia Flowers
03 March 2024
google review

Ive had the pleasure to work with many of the employees here at A happy family and EACH person was just as good as the other. Energy is big for me. I had to choose the right location for my surroundings and I am glad that a friend referred me to this place. Ive had the pleasure to speak with Shelby many times and shes been the sweetest and most patient person. Answered all my concerns and questions through the weeks and helped me through the process as well Employees are a reflection of the company and they are overall great. I am happy to be getting services from here and plan to continue for a while until we all feel stable. I will continue to update you through my process but I really cannot recommend them more.

Abby Hickman
03 March 2022
google review

A happy family behavioral services was super helpful in helping one of my really good family friends. They took me along as I wanted to support them and 100 like and support this company. Will continue to recommend them to all those around me that need this. Shelby the office manager was super helpful in guiding us and making sure we were comfortable. So appreciative

Teddy Broussard
03 March 2022
google review

Ive had my family use their other company in the past. They mentioned they were starting up this company and immediately thought about a family friend who was in need of ABA therapy. I called them and mentioned their business name. They reported back to me last week that they were in awe by their professionalism and extensive knowledge on this topic. They were able to take their kids for a couple of sessions and reported back to me that they are super thankful that I referred to them such a great company. I know they are fairly new but please when I tell you they are great people... Im not lying. ABA therapy is super important especially when it comes to kids and communication with their parents. They were able to explain it to me over the phone and I was able to learn so much through their experiences. Im happy I made it the process a little easier for them as I know its rough to begin with. Social behavior is a huge part of ones life. If you know of anyone looking for a professional company thats willing to bend over backwards for their clients this is it. I am only reflectingreviewing what was passed on as they didnt feel comfortable enough to come on here and share their story which is okay too.

Boris Rybalov
03 March 2022
google review

Word got out to me that A Happy Family doesnt have a waiting list for potential clients. That got my attention. The woman who answered the phone helped me out a lot and knew exactly what she was talking about. She explained the ABA process which was so great because it is relatively new to us. I was calling on behalf of my siblings. Unfortunately they do not offer group setting so we have to keep looking around for that. What I loved most was their honest opinion and how they really meant helping me. They werent interested in anything other than providing the correct information to us which is respectable. This was appreciated by my parents and I as were having difficulties finding a place whom we trust. We wish we could use a Happy family but are glad they are pointing us in the right direction for the future. Not many companies do these types of things so it deserves a shoutout. One day we will be able to come back and see if there is anything else their great customer service can help us out with.

Customer Support
03 March 2022
google review

We all experience a lot in life. And How we behave as humans determine the outcome of our lives. I received 1 on 1 treatment for my behavioral problems because I was out of touch with myself and my family I was easily agitated breaking things such as my own cellular device received help and now using things such as breathing techniques and stress balls to help situate myself with when Im on my own upset This place brings me smile on my face being able to have control over my life feeling great again thank you to the staff.

Charles Dunne-stiles
03 March 2022
google review

I want to keep it short and simple. I was really surprised as I really enjoyed their services. This was really hard for my family to accept but its helpful as hell.

Allen Davidson
03 March 2022
google review

Ive had a great experience bringing my family to this place. I see lots of improvement. Shelby helped guide us and explained everything throughly. Thank you

Jason Mostadim
03 March 2022

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