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The best places for speech therapy in SF

9 Best speech therapists in San Francisco

Updated: May 7, 2024 · 8 Minute Read

chris olmanson

Reviewed by:

Chris Olmanson, Beaming Health


  • 7.5 million Americans have trouble speaking and need support with their speech and language skills.
  • We put together this list by surveying parents, talking to professionals for recommendations, reading hundreds of reviews, and interviewing the finalists.
  • Each speech therapist has their strengths and unique offerings. Some specialize in working with younger children, a few are bilingual, and others have perfected working with families virtually or at their homes, just to name a few.

Hannah Lieberknecht, CCC-SLP | Profile | 2166 Union St., San Francisco, CA 94123


Sayard Benvenuti, M.A., CCC-SLP | Profile | Virtual


Contra Costa Speech Therapy | Profile | 1225 Alpine Road Suite 204-D, Walnut Creek, CA 94596

Christina Burnham, CCC-SLP | Profile | Virtual

About Christina

Christina has been offering speech therapy online since 2019... she's one of the trendsetters who saw the opportunity for a more convenient and comfortable approach to speech therapy before it became the new normal.

Teletherapy opens doors for people to connect with the support they need regardless of their zip code. Teletherapy also creates time for things like going to the park and making a home-cooked meal for dinner rather than sitting in traffic and grabbing take-out to visit a clinic across town.



Lynchpin Speech Therapy | Profile | In-home in East Bay Area

Lynchpin provides neurodiversity-affirming and strengths-based speech-language therapy with a belief that everyone deserves to be empowered individuals, positively connected with their community.

Liz Zyzo, CCC-SLP | Profile | Virtual


About Liz: 

Liz provides comprehensive speech and language evaluations, treatment, and parent consultations/training to children ages birth to five via teletherapy.


Her family-centered, play-based approach prioritizes creating dynamic and enjoyable sessions, meeting children where they are and fostering fun and meaningful engagement. Liz firmly believes in the vital role of parents and caregivers in their child's progress. She actively involves them in the therapeutic process, providing guidance and support to enhance their child's language development through early experiences.


Insurance: UnitedHealthcare, Cigna


Contact: | Free consultation here



Geraldine Cabezudo, CCC-SLP | Profile | In-home in San Francisco

As a mom of a child with special needs herself, Geri is passionate about supporting kids' communication development as well as training families in order to generalize communication skills outside of speech-language therapy sessions.

She's a senior Speech Language Pathologist with 12+ years of experience providing school-based speech-language therapy. She specializes in autism and augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) and is proficient in both ASL and Spanish at the preschool and moderate-severe levels. She has experience working with young and older adults as well as geriatric patients with dysphagia treatment, cognitive rehabilitation, voice, and aphasia.

She previously lectured at the college level for speech-language pathology coursework and have supervised and mentored numerous interns and clinical fellows on their professional journeys.


Insurance: UHC/Optum, Cigna, Golden Gate Regional Center




Gabriel Hershberger, CCC-SLP | Profile | Virtual


About Gabriel:

Gabriel has 10+ years of experience as a Speech-Language Pathologist in a variety of settings including special education classrooms, preschools, skilled nursing facilities, and health systems.



Speech therapy can last a few months to a few years, depending on your child’s needs. The good news? During that time they will learn effective ways to communicate which will help them grow into more independent and confident individuals.

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